Gourmet Diet

by Georgia Ede
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A diet to lose weight without starving

The Gourmet diet is a nutritional plan developed to lose weight without starving and that the fact of being on a diet is not monotonous and boring.

It is not a restrictive plan and its effectiveness is based on the correct combination of foods to provoke contrasts of flavors that please our palate and allow us to obtain pleasure through meals.

It allows us to lose 1 kilo per week , changing certain eating habits, without giving up the pleasure of eating healthy and healthy, preparing the best recipes ourselves. If we combine this diet with regular moderate exercise we can lose more than a kilo per week, so we recommend that you do some type of physical exercise. Achieving better results, and maintaining weight loss in a more lasting way.

We will create healthy, appetizing dishes based on the correct combination of flavors and optimal quantities that allow us to lose weight without starving. The quality of food must always be above quantity.

A diet without giving up the taste and aesthetics of the dishes

It is as important as eating healthy and healthy , enjoying food and its flavors, making each meal a delight for the palate, and not only for the palate, but also for the eyes; since we eat, in a way by sight.

That is why we want the dishes to look beautiful, as well as appetizing, healthy and tasty.

The main idea is to enjoy food without worrying excessively about the calories we have consumed. If you have not enjoyed making the dish that we are going to eat, taking advantage of the nutrients in the quality foods that we have chosen to nourish our body in a healthy way.

What can I eat with the Gourmet diet?

The diet does not exclude any food, it bases its effectiveness on consuming all kinds of foods in a balanced way, betting maximum on fruits, vegetables and seasonal vegetables. Without giving up, of course, meat, fish, legumes, cereals, etc. We have to consume everything, in its right proportion.

There are no forbidden foods or dishes , as they even offer advice on how to eat outside the home so as not to skip the rules of the Gourmet diet.

We must take into account the correct proportions and correct certain nutritional habits that can make us fat, as is the case of eating few vegetables and overindulging in protein and gauze.

Gourmet Diet Guidelines

The basis of this diet is to change those habits by creating a healthy and healthy behavior to learn to enjoy healthy dishes.

We will have 5 meals a day , breakfast will be one of the most important meals of the day along with food. At mid-morning or mid-afternoon we can choose to have a serving of fruit, or a bar of whole grains or soy, or a skimmed yogurt with some almonds.

At lunch we can enjoy broths, salads, fish, seafood, and vegetables cooked in different ways. In the snack something light like mid-morning, and at dinner we will bet on light meals, easy to digest, diuretic and purifying.

It is very important to drink around two liters of water a day to ensure the body’s water balance . We can accompany it with water, vegetable juices, natural fruit juices (without sugar), etc. This way we will avoid fluid retention .  We will bet on the consumption of spices to give flavor to our meals, thus reducing the contributions of sodium (salt) and sugars that are already present in a hidden way in food and harm us so much.

When the body asks us to, we can eat an ounce of dark chocolate, it is also a powerful antioxidant and helps us regulate anxiety. Furthermore, chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac.

If you want more information about aphrodisiac foods, click here .

If we combine this diet with regular moderate exercise we can lose more than one kilo per week, so we recommend that you do some type of physical exercise.

Advantages of the Gourmet diet

  • You can eat everything, it does not exclude food or dishes.
  • You can use all kinds of spices and seasonings.
  • You do not have to weigh food.
  • It is a balanced diet.  The balanced diet to lose weight .
  • You should not give up the pleasure of taste in meals.
  • It is a balanced diet that provides us with all the necessary nutrients.
  • You enjoy the pleasure of making your own dishes.
  • It is not a fast diet but the weight is lost steadily and regularly, which avoids the rebound effect.
  • Dieting does not become monotonous.

Disadvantages of the Gourmet diet

  • It can be a little less economical than other diets, although it depends on the raw materials we choose.
  • Some basic culinary ideas are needed.
  • It does not offer rapid weight loss.
  • You consume a lot of vegetables, which can be a drawback for those people who are not to your liking.

Gourmet diet daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee flavored with cinnamon accompanied by skimmed milk (if desired) and whole grains with ground almonds or a hard-boiled egg with a slice of rye bread.
  • Mid-morning : A skimmed yogurt with blueberries and ground almonds
  • Food : Exotic salad with hake loin and au gratin aubergines. A piece of fruit.
  • Snack : Sesame bar and a piece of fruit.
  • Dinner : Turkey breast with grilled green asparagus garnished with lemon and rosemary. A few slices of pineapple, for dessert.

A healthy, balanced diet that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of food, try it.

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