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The Golo Diet, the most sought after of 2019

by Georgia Ede
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If you are still thinking about the keto diet , the paleo or the Dukan diet or the alea diet as the latest trend … sorry to say that you are out of date. The most searched diet on the internet is the Golo diet . It seems that a large part of the population is obsessed with finding the diet that best suits oneself, the easy diet or the fastest and most effective one. The upward trend of the cult of the body, of physical well-being continues to increase, although it is not something really new.

Some time ago, a multitude of different diets were developed to lose weight, as is the case with Maria Callas’ plan that proposed ingesting parasites to lose weight, so we should not think that this thought is recent.

Currently the study of certain substances or natural products is comparable to these techniques to lose weight, such as glucomannan or Konjac root to lose weight since what Kónjac does is swell with water in our body, increase stools, thus reducing appetite and causing the evacuation of stool to produce a significant drag.

We must always inform ourselves well of all the consequences of dietary plans, since when it works for someone, it is easy to spread all the wisdom and experience about the plan, but remember that we are not all the same or the miraculous diet affects us in the same way.

We are going to see what exactly the Golo diet is about, in order to analyze the pertinent aspects of this diet. Starting at the beginning How did the Golo diet come about?

What is the Golo diet?

Well, the diet is a plan developed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and pharmacists , or at least in this way the company markets it. Diet is nothing we have heard of such as cutting carbohydrates and limiting fat, eating more fresh and healthy produce; Nothing of that.

The Golo plan focuses on balancing hormones . According to this multidisciplinary team, hormones are the causes and triggers of obesity because they are to blame for unbalancing our body, producing disorders such as stress , anxiety , and other problems that trigger emotional hunger , that is, gluttony, not hunger. Properly said. In addition to producing symptoms such as fatigue or insomnia or other problems related to poor sleep.

Nothing that is not true but is this always the problem? I do not think so. It’s easy to blame your hormones , because you’re not to blame for what your hormones do. But they are not always to blame for being overweight, since in most cases the problem is in the diet and lifestyle we lead. Now that we know what its effectiveness is based on, let’s see how it is carried out.

How long does the diet last and how is it carried out?

In the first place, it should be noted that it takes more than a month to reach the goal, after more than 30 days we should not fear that a rebound effect will occur, that is, the lost weight will not be recovered; and you will wonder how can it be? Well, once the hormone activity is regulated, everything will continue its course, according to the company. But what should we do?

First of all, we must know that it is a diet that requires the intake of supplements , although they refer that they are natural, we must know that this does not imply the absence of side effects, so we must inform ourselves well before carrying out the diet.

On the other hand, studies of the metabolic effect of food are made, and they also provide us with a guide to maintain active metabolism during the day to day. These are the main guidelines of the Golo diet. First of all pills that supplement and balance hormonal action,  metabolically balanced menus and a guide to maintaining an active metabolism.

What pills are taken on the Golo diet?

The pills recommended by the company that launches the golo diet are pills called Release , whose patent is owned by said company, which can already cause us some rejection.

Although there are always people who seek to lose weight quickly and trust the use of pills, we must be aware that this is not the best way to lose weight, and that taking some pills does not imply that a miracle is working.

We must know the side effects that they can generate and the dangers that their consumption entails, for this we must know their entire composition and be aware of any symptoms that we may notice if we start taking them, to be able to withdraw them in time; before it is too late.

Here we show you a post about whether diet pills work , as well as we inform you about Chinese diet pills , since when it comes to losing weight; remember that not everything is valid, your health comes first.

What do the Release pickups do?

According to the company, Release has one components of plant origin, of which flaxseed oil stands out and they affirm that its components are capable of optimizing sugar and therefore insulin regulation , balancing hormonal function , managing to regulate hunger by reducing appetite. cravings. It does not take away hunger, it simply regulates it and you can even eat more.

Now if you stop to think how something that will allow me to eat more is going to make me lose weight? Well, it can happen, we can see it in the reverse diet . Starting from the basis that regulates appetite , controls blood sugar so that insulin peaks do not occur; which leads us to binge because the body has no gasoline. And in the same way, it controls the glucose peaks so that they do not occur abruptly, since we will notice satiety before .

Second step of the diet Eating methods in which the metabolic effect of food is measured , are known as Metabolic Fuel Matrix , this allows us that each of the meals is balanced and does not generate excess insulin or fat in addition to achieving the satiety with less food.

The third part of the diet consists of a guide in which they tell us how to always keep the metabolism active , so I understand a long-term accelerated metabolism. If you are interested in this, you can see our post on the diet of supermetabolism or accelerated metabolism .

They also tell us that we should withdraw the intake of Release after achieving the desired weight and miraculously there will be no rebound effect , according to the company.

What is the success of the Golo diet based on?

  • Helping regulate insulin and glucose levels in the blood contributes to constant weight loss without great effort, without counting calories, without eliminating food, etc.
  • Maintaining a fast metabolism contributes to weight loss.

They base their studies on the fact that eating a diet that does not excessively alter blood glucose promotes the burning of stored fats and metabolic activity, which obviously leads to rapid weight loss without much effort. This study is not something that they have discovered, and in fact it is totally real, it was already proposed by Dr. Montignac, who offered us a diet with low glycemic index foods.

If you still don’t know what the Glycemic Index known as GI is, you can find out here . We have also made a list of foods by their GI that you will find in the link. If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to do so; since the Montignac diet achieves great results .

The creators of the diet claim that you can eat between 20 and 30% more food than any other diet.

Do you have to exercise on the Golo diet?

Yes, pills do not solve everything, the Golo diet intends that the intake is practically healthy, whole, fresh foods, etc. and also exercise regularly.

The fact of doing physical exercise will allow to keep the metabolism active and this will contribute to the burning of fats to use those reserves as energy.

Is the Golo diet expensive? Is it a difficult diet?

It can be one of the main cons that this diet can have, not because of the foods it offers in the diet, but because of the price of its pills , which is around 30 euros 90 pills that last between 1 to 3 months, depending Of the objective.

The foods he proposes are fresh, not processed that we can find in any supermarket. In that aspect it can be an easy diet, although for some people it can be a difficult diet due to the need to prepare the dishes with the indicated foods.

It has the advantage of not counting calories, or weighing food, but rather getting an idea that we will take as a reference of what we need. To some people it may seem a bit complicated, since they have to take into account somewhat confusing technical aspects such as personal metabolic rates or set points.

What foods can I eat on the Golo diet?

Food is divided into 4 categories: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables. From whose 4 categories the person is assigned one or two servings from each food group. 3 main meals should be made , in which foods from the four food groups will be combined. It is NOT a dissociated diet, you can eat all the foods shown below:

  • Proteins: eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, dairy products.
  • Carbs: berries, fruits, sweet potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, beans, whole grains.
  • Vegetables: spinach, kale, arugula, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, zucchini.
  • Fats: olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, brand-name salad dressing.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the foods that we should avoid during the Golo diet.

What are the forbidden foods?

We start by highlighting the importance of carrying out this diet correctly based on the correct choice of the foods we eat. We must avoid all processed , precooked, frozen and ultimately industrial products.

We will limit the consumption of red meat , dairy products and cereals . The products that we eliminate can be reintroduced after the dieting time, once we have achieved the desired weight. Of course, the reintroduction should be moderate, and trying to avoid them as much as possible whenever we can. That is, consume them occasionally.

We will not consume carbonated or sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. Nor will we consume artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, etc. We will always prefer stevia .

In short-term diets we will eliminate wheat, oats, rice, barley, bread, dairy, cheeses, yogurt, cream, milk, butter, ice cream, etc. If it is a long-term diet, we will occasionally consume these types of products.

Points against the Golo diet

  • The studies that have been done with patients taking Release and patients on placebo are not independent studies, so they are not entirely reliable.
  • The actual composition of the Release is not known , which can cause side effects such as headache, anxiety, dizziness, etc.
  • The problem of the diet itself is more about supplements, not following a diet with a low GI, since this is possible without having to invest money in miracle pills.
  • The economic disadvantage , the fact of taking pills can already be an inconvenience, but if we also add a high cost, this can lead to one of the main disadvantages and the reason why so many people do not follow it.

The fact that it is the most sought after diet does not always imply that it is the most followed or the most effective. Keep in mind that the need to inform yourself before carrying out any weight loss diet prevails , and even more so when you have to take supplements.

Remember that there are a multitude of nutritional supplements , which we inform you about here . It is important that you know what they can offer you and also the side effects they can have.

Do not forget to always consult with your family doctor, dietician or nutritionist to advise you on your questions about a product.

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