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Ginger water to lose weight, how to prepare it?

by Georgia Ede
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Ginger water does it help you lose weight?

Losing weight sometimes becomes an expensive task that can become discouraging, because sometimes a diet and exercise are not enough to lose weight at the speed we want. While it is true, you have to give your body room to gradually lose weight.

The truth is that everyone would like to lose weight quickly and effortlessly; but distrust miracles , sudden weight changes are not healthy, and also the body does not accept them correctly and as soon as we start eating as before, the body begins to reserve everything we have deprived of it and as a consequence we start to get fat again. This effect is the so-called rebound effect, if you want to know how to avoid it you can read this post .

If you are dieting, combining it with exercise and you lose weight slowly, it may be that your body is making it difficult for you for two main reasons. One may be that you have fluid retention , which is easy to eliminate by following certain tips; Another reason may be that your metabolism is slowing down.

That is, your metabolism is slow and as a result, you do not burn enough calories and as a result, you gain weight or lose weight.

If you still do not know the importance of metabolism in the diet and especially in weight loss ; You can learn in depth in this post about the importance of metabolism to lose weight .

To solve these two problems, we must modify certain behaviors or nutritional habits that help us lose weight.

First of all, we must properly hydrate the body in order to lose accumulated and retained fluids.

On the other hand, we must look for foods that accelerate our metabolism and try to keep it active for as long as possible.

Below we give you the necessary guidelines to help you lose weight quickly by combining the diet with certain natural remedies that can make your life easier, in the case of Ginger Water to lose weight , a remedy of which we tell you all the secrets next.

Secrets to lose weight fast

Water, which we have talked about in other posts such as, does drinking water make you lose weight depending on when you drink it? It is a great ally for weight loss processes , firstly because it is necessary for our body and secondly because apart from satiating us, it cleanses our body of toxins that accumulate in it and make us fat or feel bloated.

Also, if we combine water with foods that speed up our metabolism, or help us burn fat ; We will be able to reach our goal in less time.

You can see the best fat burning foods in this article that may be of interest to you.

The combinations of water with food to help us fat burning or speed up metabolism are a good choice for drinking water with a touch of taste different, and also gives us all the benefits of the chosen foods.

This is the case of ginger water, on the one hand drinking water gives us the hydration that our body needs, and on the other hand ginger gives us all the benefits it has.

As we explained in the entry of ” Ginger, everything you need to know “, this root has great properties that we will talk about below so that you can understand how ginger water helps us lose weight.

Ginger water, what does it give us?

On the water side, it provides us with minerals and keeps our body hydrated so that the draining and purifying functions of the body work normally, ensuring that toxins and waste substances are eliminated correctly.

An adequate water level ensures better digestion , which contributes to a better general state of health . We also prevent toxins from accumulating in the form of fat in the body, which would make us gain weight.

For its part, ginger is rich in essential oils , antioxidants , vitamins and minerals , as well as amino acids . Among the most prominent vitamins are those belonging to group A, B and C. The minerals with the highest concentration are iron, calcium, aluminum, phosphorus, silicon, zinc, manganese and chromium. And it has essential oils such as gingerol , which is what gives it that spicy touch so characteristic of ginger. It also has amino acids that benefit us in many aspects of our general health.

As we mentioned, ginger provides us with multiple benefits for our health, among which we highlight that it improves the symptoms of digestive tract diseases , helps fight stress , fights cellular aging , and has anti-inflammatory properties .

In terms of weight loss, ginger helps us lose weight because it speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite , and helps eliminate retained fluids. Which all contributes to weight loss. Ginger favors the creation of gastric juices.

These substances facilitate the decomposition of food, as well as the absorption of what benefits us and the expulsion of the toxins that the body accumulates. It also regulates blood glucose levels , preventing insulin peaks from occurring, thus helping to prevent diabetes.

In addition, lemon has properties that facilitate the burning of fat and calories. So it helps us lose weight .

You can see all the properties to lose weight in the lemon diet, the diet that detoxifies and loses weight. It is also an alkalizing drink, which confers numerous benefits to our health.

Ginger water, how to prepare it?


  • 6 cups of water (1.5 liters).
  • 5 tablespoons of grated ginger (50 g).
  • The juice of 2 lemons.

Heat the water and, when it comes to a boil, add the ginger, let it cook for 5 minutes and then let it rest for 10 minutes. Strain it and add the lemon juice. You are ready to consume it.

There are other variants, such as those to which they add cucumber, turmeric or  cinnamon , for their weight loss properties.

Recommendations on its consumption

It is recommended to consume it on an empty stomach to enhance the effects of ginger. For this recipe to have the desired effect, it would be best to drink it daily .

It is important that we take an amount on an empty stomach, such as a glass, but ideally we should drink throughout the day to maintain the effects of ginger, especially the accelerator of metabolism.

We can consume ginger water as much as we want, there is no limit amount, since it does not cause damage to our health.

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