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How to get a Flat Belly?

by Georgia Ede
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Flat stomach how to get it?

The abdominal area is a very prone area to accumulate fat reserves in case the body one day needs to have it in the form of energy. Generally, both women and men accumulate fat in this area, and it is usually one of the most difficult localized areas to eliminate.

In addition, the belly sometimes and due to small bad habits such as ingesting carbonated drinks or foods that produce a lot of gases , it is also prone to accumulate certain bloating, or even to become inflamed due to other factors such as poor digestion, menstruation, etc …

Therefore, the accumulation of abdominal fat together with the swelling of the belly can cause us some discomfort, therefore and to try to achieve a healthy appearance, get a flat stomach and feel better about yourself, it is necessary to follow certain tips or guidelines that we will expose below. Don’t miss the best tips to lose volume in localized areas.

How to lose weight belly?

Losing weight is generally a complicated task, but what usually happens is that we lose weight in a generalized way, but we have accumulated fat in certain localized areas that make it more difficult for us to achieve the desired physique; one of these areas is the abdomen area. Here we offer you the best tips to burn your belly fat,

To try to burn fat and lose a few pounds accumulated in the abdomen or belly area, it is necessary to combine a proper diet with physical exercise .

Generally people who want to lose belly fat start doing crunches non-stop to make their tummy look flat, but is it effective?

Here we explain how abdominal exercises can help you for accumulated fat in the belly. We do tell you not to get obsessed with doing sit-ups, because no matter how many you do if you don’t combine it with aerobic exercise and a correct diet, you won’t get a flat and defined stomach. Here we explain why, do not miss it.

Do abs work to get rid of my tummy?

Obviously they work, but don’t get obsessed with doing sit-ups all day because just by doing sit-ups you will not be able to lose the accumulated fat.

We explain simply so that you understand that the abdominals are strength exercises, that is, they are exercises developed to tone the muscle.

When we do sit-ups we get them to get stronger, but if above the muscles we have a layer of fat that covers the abdominal muscles, it will not be appreciated.

Upon palpation, we will notice that the abdominal muscles will be harder and more toned but it will not be visible if we do not manage to burn the fat that is above.

What should I do to burn belly fat?

It is essential to eat a balanced diet, low in fat and with a fair representation of carbohydrates so that excesses in the form of fat do not accumulate in the body’s adipose tissue deposits.

  • As for the diet , you should start a low-fat diet , especially reducing the proportion of saturated fat in meals, it will be essential to avoid all those sweets or industrial pastries, sugar and all those fatty foods such as butter, sausages, etc. …

In the link that I offer you below, you will be able to see in more detail a specific diet to achieve a flat stomach: Flat Belly Diet .

  • As for exercise , you have to combine aerobic exercise , such as walking, swimming, running, cycling, playing tennis, etc …, with specific exercises for the abdomen , the well-known abdominal exercises. Both types of exercise should be done on a regular basis, establishing a weekly exercise routine that includes at least the practice of these exercises 3 days a week. Remember that you must combine both types of exercise in order to burn fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

On the other hand, to try to combat the swelling of the abdomen we must take into account the following tips

What can I do to prevent bloating in the abdomen?

1 – Avoid carbonated drinks , drink a lot of water throughout the day, it will not only help you stay hydrated but also activate intestinal transit.

2- Avoid chewing gum , this habit favors the accumulation of gases and flatulence .

3- Avoid flatulent foods , such as raw vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, legumes, etc …

4- Incorporate fiber into your diet , this helps to regulate intestinal transit avoiding abdominal bloating, although if you are not used to it, incorporate it little by little, an excess could cause flatulence or diarrhea.

5- Avoid foods that are too fatty or large meals , they slow down digestion.

6- Eat slowly , chewing food well and with your mouth closed, you will avoid the entry of air and promote good digestion.

7- Reduce the intake of salt and salty foods, you will avoid fluid retention and thus swelling.

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