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Furosemide to thin Does it work?

by Georgia Ede
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It has been a common practice to take drains to lose weight, natural products, fat binders or things like that. Well, now there is a trend to take diuretics to lose weight , usually without a prescription; but there are also nutritionists who prescribe them to start losing weight . Why do they do it?

I think I am not one of the only people who has gone to a dietitian, nutritionist or even the doctor for advice on losing weight, and received the following message: take this or take that and you will start to lose. Anyone blindly believes what the doctor or nutritionist sends us and heeds their advice, not with the intention of demonizing anyone, we must know what we drink and what it is indicated for.

How does a diuretic work? Who should take it? Who does it work for and who doesn’t? We will solve all these doubts in this post dedicated to diuretics and their use for weight loss.

What is Furosemide and what is it used for?

Furosemide is one of them, known as seguril , we can also find torasemide, known as sutril ; among others, all of them diuretics. Well, both are diuretic drugs , that is, they increase diuresis, and with it urination; that is, they make us eliminate more fluids through urine.

They are drugs indicated for those who have edema or fluid retention , but are not indicated as a method of weight loss.

The furosemide and other drugs in your family like torasemide are useful drugs in cases of edema or fluid retention due to failure of the body or taking medication, etc. These drugs should be taken under medical prescription in the expected cases but NOT as a method to lose weight .

It is advisable to take them with plenty of water, because although it may seem paradoxical, sometimes fluid retention is due to the lack of hydration in the body. You can find out here about fluid retention and the best drains and remedies to solve it.

This type of medication is used in the treatment of different diseases that cause edema , such as diseases of nephritic origin, kidney or heart failure, cirrhosis, etc.

How does furosemide work in the body?

The main action of furosemide for diuresis is to increase the excretion of sodium chloride (salt) through the kidneys, so we will notice a greater number of urinations and a greater quantity of urine throughout the day.

As we cannot urinate only the salt, the body dilutes it to eliminate that unabsorbed salt, so we lose more water through the urine. That is, the increase in diuresis does not occur directly but as a response of the body to an increase in salt in the body.

Furosemide stimulates the excretion of other electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, so the doctor must analytically control the situation of these electrolytes since deficiencies of these can develop in the body.

These types of diuretics are used as a treatment for hypertension, although they are not always a good action for the duration of their action time, which is quite short.

There are patients who actually notice the effects after taking the pill but not during the rest of the day, this shows that the treatment is not being entirely effective.

How and when is furosemide taken?

It is taken every day on an empty stomach when the doctor diagnoses us with edema or fluid retention . It is usually started with a low dose, and if kidney function is correct it gradually increases progressively.

Why do people take furosemide to lose weight?

As we can see, furosemide removes the retained fluid from us .

It is true that there are cases in which the use of this type of medication is recommended since in some cases, in addition to excess fat, there is an excess of retained fluids; But it is also true that this type of mild retention is quickly corrected with some modifications in the diet, such as increasing the body’s hydration and including diuretic foods such as pineapple or artichoke, among others.

What are the side effects of furosemide?

What happens, why has the consumption of this type of medicine become fashionable without actually having edema ?

Unfortunately, it is common for some professionals to recommend the consumption of these drugs so that they make a good impression on the patient on a first visit.

That is, if I start a new diet with a new dietitian and he sends me these pills and I lose 4 kilos the first week, what do I think? – Well, it is effective, false. You have lost 4 kg, of which about 3 is fluid that your body probably needs, you have not lost fat. With which, as soon as you drink, you will regain that weight.

The elimination of liquids is very positive in patients with edema, but what happens if we do not have edema and we take this type of medication?

What we can notice is that it lowers our tension , dizziness and even fainting spells; in addition to dehydration of the organism since we are eliminating necessary liquid for the organism.

We can also have a lack of potassium which causes certain problems in the body.

What is our recommendation?

Losing weight is a delicate issue, we should not trust ourselves, it always involves an effort through a change in eating habits and the practice of physical exercise will achieve your goals, if you need to know what to do here we show you the best guide to lose weight properly . Do not miss it!.

Remember that it is not worth putting our health at risk by consuming diet pills , it is worth taking a healthy lifestyle, discover how to do it here .

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