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The best fruits for weight loss

by Georgia Ede
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Does fruit make you fat?

There is generally the belief that fruit makes you fat because of the sugars and carbohydrates it provides, but this idea is not totally true. Fruit provides carbohydrates but they are long-chain carbohydrates, that is, they are not simple sugars that are difficult for our body to digest.

Fruits provide quality nutrients and are essential for the proper functioning of the body as they provide us with important minerals and vitamins for our body.

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Myths about fruit

How many times when we went on a diet have they taken the fruit from us for dessert? You will all think, many times. Well, we have to say that there are many myths related to the consumption of fruit during weight loss periods, since it is attributed false beliefs that have no scientific basis. This is the case of stating that fruit is fattening if you consume it as a dessert , but that it does not make it fat if you consume it before lunch or dinner. This is totally false , what happens and what are they based on to make this statement?

Generally, and as with vegetables, if we consumed them before eating, we would produce a feeling of fullness in the body that would make us eat less in food. Which translates into a lower caloric intake , and less fat ingested.

That is, if before eating a plate of pasta Bolognese we eat a salad, or fruit, the body will be satisfied with a low caloric intake and we will eat less pasta, so we will have managed to eat fewer calories. This is a trick, or an eating habit that works when it comes to losing weight , but it does not mean that if we eat fruit for dessert, we will gain more weight.

Fruit, whether we consume it before or after meals, will provide us with exactly the same number of calories .

Another myth is that the fruit that makes us gain weight is sweet fruit and not acidic , this false thought will be revealed below with the best fruits to lose weight.

What benefits does the fruit bring us?

The fruit also provides us with fiber , which is very important to prevent diseases related to the digestive tract, and which also ensures a correct elimination of feces and waste substances from the body. It also satisfies us for longer and helps us control our appetite .

Fruits nourish our body with the necessary energy to develop normally and this contributes to a good functioning of the body and a good state of health.

Let’s not forget that a proper diet makes our body work at full capacity and that is how it is achieved that the basic functions of our body are developed correctly.

What are the properties of fruits to lose weight?

Generally, we think that the best fruits to lose weight should be those that are less sweet, and it does not have to be that way either, it is another of the myths that are generated around fruit. It is not only sugar that gives calories to a food , we must also look at the fats it has. Therefore, let’s not think that sweeter fruits will make us fatter.

To lose weight , we are interested in fruits rich in pectins , since they accelerate the metabolism in a natural way which contributes to a higher caloric expenditure , so if we eat the same calories we will burn more than usual, thus balancing the balance of expenditure. caloric with caloric intake.

Here we offer you the best fruits to lose weight, choose the ones you like the most, and increase the consumption of fruits in your diet.

The best fruits to lose weight

The pear is a fruit with the highest contribution in pectins and fiber, we produce a feeling of fullness that helps lasting weight control. In addition, its contribution of potassium helps control cholesterol and maintain cardiovascular health.

The apple is one of the healthiest fruit of all, there is a saying that says: “An apple a day and keep the doctor away from your life” which comes from the English “an apple a day keep the doctor away” and so much so for its many benefits. It is a liver detoxifier , reduces cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, activates brain functions and is very good for memory. Depending on how you use it, it has an astringent or laxative effect .

If you consume it natural with skin, it is laxative, and if you consume it without cooked or pureed skin, it causes you to get constipated if you have diarrhea. It is high in vitamin b12 , which fights insomnia. It is diuretic , fights hypertension, fever, and controls uric acid. It helps the secretion of gastric juices, it is a powerful oral disinfectant, antioxidant and anticancer The caloric intake is minimal , approximately 50 calories per 100 grams.

We recommend that you follow a diet rich in apple …, you can see here all its properties and different versions of the apple diet to lose weight .

The banana or banana is one of those that we usually eliminate from the diet when we want to lose weight, and it is a wrong belief. We should not consume in excess because it has abundant amounts of sugar, but in its fair measure it is one of the most interesting fruits because of its high fiber and potassium content that helps us stay satiated and fights digestive problems. In addition, its high contribution in vitamin B6 strengthens our immune system and protects us against heart diseases. You can see here the diet of the banana to lose weight, where you will find all its properties and how to consume it to lose weight.

The kiwi , known for its laxative action, the same as the pear is rich in fiber and allows the body to carry out the fastest digestions and also satiates us for quite some time.

The grapefruit , is a potent fat burner , and is very low in calories, is one of the most used fruits in dietary regimens to lose weight. On the other hand, it has a flavor that does not please everyone, since it is acid with a bitter touch. It is said that eating half a grapefruit before meals, it captures the fats we eat and eliminates them more quickly from the body, preventing them from accumulating in the body. You can see here the grapefruit diet to lose weight.

The blueberries are known for their role antioxidant also for its important work diuretic. They are widely used for urinary tract infections, as they increase urination and clean the urinary ducts. They also fight fat cells, so they are very interesting when it comes to losing weight. It also helps prevent certain types of cancer and fight hypertension.

The strawberries , this delicious fruit is known as one of the propulsive of certain hormones that are responsible for ending fats and also speed up metabolism ; therefore they are very interesting to lose weight.

The watermelon is a fruit that has countless properties . One of them is the antioxidant , since lycopene is one of the richest fruits, a type of carotene that the body transforms into Vitamin A, one of the best antioxidants.

In addition to having vitamin C, which is also one of the most important antioxidants, watermelon is rich in water and folic acid and provides very few calories, which is why it is essential in diets to lose weight, it also helps us urinate and drain so helps  reduce fluid retention . It also helps us reduce cholesterol.

You can see here the watermelon diet , or the watermelon crash to lose weight .

Lemon is another of the fruits that are most used to lose weight, you can check all its benefits in the lemon diet , which in addition to losing weight serves to detoxify the body and eliminate retained fluids.

The pineapple is the fruit par excellence diuretic and low calorie intake make it a star food in the diets. You can see all its properties here, as well as the pineapple diet , information that you should not miss if you want to lose weight in a healthy way

Last but not least, there is papaya, one of the fruits that is very effective when it comes to losing weight, and also provides us with multiple benefits for our health. You can see here the papaya diet .

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Remember that…

We should not base our diet only on the consumption of fruits, but in combination with vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats we will build a balanced diet that provides our body with everything it needs to develop its metabolic activity and combining it with regular physical exercise We will be able to balance caloric consumption with caloric expenditure and thus be able to achieve our ideal weight .

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