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Fruit diet to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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The fruit diet, more than a diet a healthy habit

Increasing the consumption of fruit in your diet will improve multiple functions of your body, and consequently your health , your weight , and your mood . Well, seeing yourself at your ideal weight will make you feel better, more secure and happier. Lately, we have decreased the consumption of fruit because we do not have time to do things, we eat more fast food, pre-cooked and more comfortable for everyone. If we look closely, how long does it take us to eat an apple? If we think about it, quite a bit. We can do it by walking down the street, on bus trips, during a break at work, etc.

The digestive functions are fully are enhanced with increased consumption of fruit and vegetables . Thus, this diet is not only based on the consumption of fruit, because although its consumption is very important, we would neglect the regime taking into account other nutrients that we need, such as proteins, carbohydrates, etc. Although it is true, it will have a fairly important contribution of fruit, which we will combine in different ways throughout the day.

In the first place, before exposing the guidelines and menu of the fruit diet , we must emphasize that not all fruit is equally interesting at a nutritional level, to lose weight. So we are going to restrict , rather than eliminate, the consumption of very sweet fruits such as bananas, grapes, custard apples, persimmons, etc. This restriction is based on the high level of sugars these fruits contain, but as I have said we are not going to eliminate them, we will only consume them in moderation , once or twice a week at most.

ou can check the glycemic index of fruits here .

Eating only fruit is not the solution

The fruit diet is not based solely on the consumption of fruit because, no matter how healthy the fruit itself is, it does not provide us with all the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, the fruit diet is intended to increase the consumption of fruits, but not that we eat only and exclusively fruit. We must take carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

It is important that if we want to lose weight we consume fruits with a lower caloric intake , for this reason we offer you below a list of fruits and their calories that can be of great help.

What do fruits give us?

Fruits provide us with a large number of benefits for our health, at a nutritional level they are a very complete food that recharges us with energy, vitamins and minerals. Fruits provide hydration to the body since its highest content is water, and also provide us with fiber, which improves digestive function. You can find out about the types of fruits and how to combine them here .

If what you want is to lose weight, here you can find the best fruits to lose weight , do not miss it because you will discover that some of the ones that you thought you could not eat are not as caloric as they say.

How to carry out the fruit diet?

As you already know, this diet is not based solely on the consumption of fruit. So we will guide how to consume the rest of the food. First of all, we will consume a part of carbohydrates at breakfast , since it should be one of the most important intakes throughout the day, we will combine it with a protein factor and with fruit such as: whole wheat toast with ham york (we can also accompany it with fresh cheese) an apple and a coffee or a natural juice. Another option could be a bowl of cereal with milk or yogurt and a piece of chopped fruit. In the middle of the morning we will always consume whole fruit or juice.

When eating , always we consume one main course with salad and dessert . It is at this time of day where we will consume the dishes with the highest caloric intake, never at night. We will consume lean meats and fish at least 2 times a week.

The paste once a week, the rice once a week and legumes again in a week. Cooked with the least seasoning and the least amount of fat . We will always accompany the main dish with a salad, to which we can also add fruit. And the dessert will be fruit.

In the afternoon we will consume a biscote with ham or fresh cheese and a natural juice or an infusion. And at dinner we will always consume a vegetable broth, accompanied by a baked fish or meat or an omelette with tuna, something light and a piece of fruit for dessert .

You can make a night of shock , with a fruit salad only at night. Or have a cup of vegetable broth and a bowl of fruit with yogurt , for example. We will limit the oil to two tablespoons a day, always being virgin olive oil. We will eliminate the sweets, fried, battered, we will cook on the grill or steam, etc.

It is important to note that it is vitally important to consume natural fruit, not processed . In other words, we will eliminate fruits in syrup, etc., in the case of processed fruit, such as pineapple or peaches or cocktails based on various fruits, we will always look for the fruit in its juice, never in syrup. We will not consume this juice, anyway.

It should be noted that the fruit has the reputation of gaining weight , but is it really like that? We recommend that you read this post to inform yourself in depth. Does the fruit make you fat?

Cheer up there are multiple possibilities to take fruit, try them and fill your life with vitamins and minerals.

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