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The best foods to increase female libido

by Georgia Ede
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Foods to increase female sexual desire

Women, in many day-to-day circumstances, postpone having sex due to lack of desire, this is due; largely to a drop in libido levels . These hormones are responsible for awakening our sexual desire and makes us more predisposed to need to have sex.

Having a full sex life and satisfying relationships is a symptom of being both physical and emotional , and that is why it is very advisable to maintain an active sex life .

If your problem is fatigue from work hustle, lack of time and desire; Pay attention because with a series of foods that we show you below you will solve this problem.

First of all, although it is not to everyone’s taste, chili peppers dramatically increase both female and male libido since they contain capsaicin, which increases blood flow and stimulates the nerve endings that contribute to arousal. The garlic is also a good ally to stimulate.

Another product that is more common consumption is eggs . They have a high content of l-arginine , this amino acid increases the production of nitric oxide that has a dilating effect on blood vessels when it acts on the enzymes of your body. We can also highlight honey , cinnamon and banana .

The pure chocolate with its high content of phenylethylamine , helps to release endorphins and serotonin  which act as natural stimulants in the mood. We always recommend consuming pure chocolates with at least 70% cocoa .

The royal jelly helps to increase sexual desire, in addition to lift our spirits and fill power .

The nutmeg also increase female libido , especially in middle age because it counteracts the effects of menopause.

We can also consume oysters, sparkling wines, asparagus and strawberries to increase the natural stimulants.

The avocado is a source of vitamin E, which helps the body in the production of hormones like estrogen , testosterone and progesterone . These hormones circulate in the blood and stimulate sexual responses such as vaginal lubrication .

Try consuming these foods, and you will notice the multiple benefits that sexual activity brings to your body.

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