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The 5 best foods to gain muscle

by Georgia Ede
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Increase muscle mass with proper nutrition

Generally, increasing muscle mass is not an easy task, the truth is that there are no miracles that help us grow muscles in an exorbitant way, everything goes through specific exercise training for muscle growth, as well as providing the body with all the nutrients that promote muscle growth and development.

Diet is closely linked to muscle development , and although the ability to increase muscle with nutritional supplements has been studied in depth, what has really been shown is that protein is very important for muscle growth and development , but that It should always be eaten cooked, and it should also be combined with carbohydrates for proper assimilation by our muscles.

Taking this information into account, certain attitudes followed by bodybuilders for a long time have been dismantled, such as consuming egg whites, or raw meat, so now knowing what we know, take note of the best foods to gain muscle mass .

What foods can help me gain muscle mass?

If you want to gain muscle and increase your muscle mass, you can start taking …


The consumption of coffee prior to training is ideal to increase your resistance to exercise and also reduces the post-exercise muscle recovery process , it does not mean that consuming coffee develops the muscles but it does facilitate and maximize the effects of a correct training. In addition, coffee provides us with antioxidants , which fight against free radicals that attack our cells.

The daily dose for caffeine to have effects on our body would be about two cups of coffee a day, so it does not fall outside the recommendations that advise us a maximum of 3 cups a day to avoid overexcitement produced by caffeine.

Two cups of coffee a day not only increases your exercise efficiency but also reduces muscle soreness after exercise . If you drink coffee regularly, you should increase the dose a little to achieve the same effects. Beware of blood pressure, and the overexcitement that caffeine can produce. Nor should we abuse coffee since it can cause dehydration , and with this symptoms such as constipation may appear , so we must bear in mind that it is not advisable.

If you want more information about caffeine and its sports use, do not hesitate to consult this post where you have all the information about caffeine as a sports supplement .


Although it has always been believed that chicken was the most beneficial meat for gaining muscle. The latest studies reveal that lean pork is better than chicken because it provides proteins of high biological value and B vitamins .

It is also a source of natural creatine , which increases muscle strength , and is highly beneficial in people with muscular dystrophies, which cause a decrease in muscle mass.

Normally, white meat does not have creatine, but it has been studied that pork does. Although gym regulars tend to eat chicken, now lean pork is on the rise.


Tuna, like most fish, is a high-quality protein source that provides amino acids , which are responsible for building muscle tissue .

It is also a source of omega 3 and has a very powerful anti-inflammatory power for muscle cells. It is the perfect substitute for red meat for lovers of bodybuilding, it also provides selenium and B vitamins that improve energy metabolism.


This seaweed used to wrap the shushi, also known as varec, is very high in iodine , which helps maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid gland , thus also regulating the metabolism of blood sugar . Provides selenium , which acts as an antioxidant .

They tend to help you lose weight, avoiding fluid retention . They help to define muscle and eliminate excess fat when combined with exercise.

An adequate diet based on the nutrients that our body needs for proper muscle development is vital to achieve your goal, so we leave you a post on the diet to gain muscle mass quickly so that you can find out in depth.


Oatmeal is one of the most complete foods to achieve muscle growth and development , it provides us with a high content of slow-release carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Its caloric content is medium, and it has a high fiber content , this produces a feeling of satiety for a long time, also provides us with energy for workouts and provides us with essential amino acids for our body. Oatmeal is very healthy, if you want to know how to prepare oatmeal water to complement your diet, here are all the steps on how to make it.

You can also supplement your diet with proteins of plant origin that also help us to develop muscles.

What foods should I not eat if I want to gain muscle?

If you want to know how to increase and define your muscle mass, we advise you to read this post about muscle definition and how to achieve it.

We also give you the necessary guidelines to achieve correct muscle development through diet, so if you want your muscle mass to increase, forget about trying the following foods:

  • The fried appetizers : as peanuts, potatoes, etc, as saturated fats and trans fats and “trans” are harmful to defining and build muscle tissue. Olives will be the only thing you can snack on when you have anxiety.

Learn to distinguish healthy fats from less healthy ones with the information that we offer below in this post about fats .

  • The hidden sugars : such as those from carbonated drinks, or energy drinks for athletes, etc., we must consult the additives to the drinks well when it comes to hydrating ourselves correctly without abusing sugars. It goes without saying about industrial, sweet and refined products. They do not benefit us and are loaded with empty calories and fat.
  • The fatty sausage : as sobrasadas, sausages, salami, mortadella, chopped, etc. You should opt for the most protein, York ham, Serrano ham, fat-free loin, cold cuts of turkey or chicken, etc. because the others are products that are high in fat, which makes it difficult to build and define muscle tissue and causes fat to accumulate in adipose tissue.

With a healthy diet and physical training adapted to your needs, you will be able to increase muscle mass in a sustainable and healthy way.

You can also help yourself with specific diets such as the diet to increase muscle mass , which gives you the correct guidelines to achieve your goal.

Other aids to increase muscle mass

There are many products aimed at improving sports performance and nourishing the body intelligently to help the body develop normally. If we offer our body all the nutrients it needs, its work capacity will be greater.

Therefore, you can help yourself to the best protein shakes  according to your sports needs.

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