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Foods to boost memory

by Georgia Ede
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If your memory fails … take note!

The memory loss is something that concerns us most people of a certain age, a certain age it is normal to lose slightly memories. But we should be concerned when these losses become very common.

While it is true, memory can be exercised and we must do it before we have any symptoms of memory loss. It is normal to forget things, it is something common that we leave something in the supermarket, that we forget some task that we must carry out, but we must be alarmed when we forget relevant events that happened in the past, or significant dates, etc.

Apart from exercising memory, we can improve its state with food . For this we offer you the best foods that will make you maintain the health of your memory.

Foods to boost memory

Food is very important to avoid health problems and keep our system in an optimal state, since it is the nutrients that feed all our cells, so it is important that you take care of your diet not only for the fact of staying well, but also for stay healthy.

If you notice that your memory is failing … start eating

Nuts : this dried fruit is the star food for the brain given its high content of omega 3 , these healthy fats keep the brain in its optimal state, preventing cell aging . The brain is basically made up of fats since they are the ones that play the role of neurotransmitters. That is why its consumption is recommended to increase memory and for diseases of the nervous system .

Since time immemorial, walnuts have been related to their benefits for the brain due to the similarity between the shape of walnuts and the shape of the cerebral cortex. Although it is true, we must emphasize that its consumption must be moderate since walnuts contain many calories.

Shellfish and Blue Fish : According to various studies on memory and intelligence, the consumption of shellfish during pregnancy increases the level of verbal intelligence in children. That is why children are often told “Eat fish and you will get smart.” All this is due to the importance of the essential fatty acids present in shellfish and omega 3 .

Sardines are one of the most beneficial fish for memory due to its high content of selenium and vitamin B12 , this vitamin is responsible for slowing down mental deterioration since, the higher the level of vitamin B12 in the blood, the lower the level of hemocysteine. Hemocysteine ​​is a level that is associated with dementia and mental decline . Other foods rich in vitamin B12 are Serrano ham, liver, rabbit, chicken, eggs and cured cheeses.

If you want to know more about the types of fish and their benefits, you can learn more about it here .

Mushrooms : Due to its high content of selenium that helps delay cell and brain aging, as well as preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s ; as confirmed by numerous studies. There are many plant foods whose selenium content is high, but due to over-exploitation of the land; This mineral is less and less present in food, but mushrooms retain their high content. We can find high doses of selenium in foods such as herring, tuna, barley, liver, sunflower and cashew nuts.

Foods rich in choline : Choline helps the body in the transmission of nerve impulses and the brain uses it to store it in memory. Choline is present in egg yolks , green leafy vegetables , liver, and organ meats.

Foods high in caffeine : There are studies that show that caffeine increases brain activity of gamma waves in brain nerve cells , which helps prevent memory loss in old age. The study shows these data after drinking two cups of coffee, but we must remember that we should not abuse caffeine for its side effects for the body.

  • If you want to know more properties about caffeine you can find out here .

Raisin tails : The power of this part of the raisin to improve memory is known, this property is given by its high potassium content. We can consume them in infusion since consuming the raisin tails is somewhat complicated, if we combine it with rosemary and sage we will increase its effects since both are rich in essential oils that improve concentration and memory.

A balanced balanced diet guarantees an iron memory

A balanced diet based on the consumption of fresh products that guarantee the proper functioning of the body is the basis of optimal health since the food we consume is what nourishes each cell of our body and therefore a healthy and healthy diet is vitally important. balanced.

For this reason we will increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish that provides us with essential fatty acids for the body that guarantee a proper functioning of the body.

  • You can help with brewer’s yeast for proper neuronal function, as it has properties that help strengthen the central nervous system .

The importance of antioxidant foods

The antioxidant nutrients are important in cell maintenance as they prevent cell aging, therefore we recommend that you consume foods that recharge nutrients that are useful for your body. For this, it may be useful to follow the antioxidant diet , which will also allow you to be at your ideal weight.

For this reason , citrus fruits can also help you , due to their high content of antioxidants.

And forget about ingesting … tobacco, alcohol and drugs that alter the central nervous system and damage brain structures. Because the correct state of health at the brain level depends on it and this type of substances negatively affect the functioning and maintenance of brain structures as well as the neural connections that make a good memory function possible.

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