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Food to gain energy

by Georgia Ede
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If you are interested in improving your physical performance , keep in mind the following foods that will help you fill your body’s tank of energy to face intense exercise.

In the first place, carbohydrates  are the main nutrients that provide energy to the body. However, we must distinguish between slow release hydrates or fast release hydrates . Quick-release carbohydrates are those that provide us with an instant energy load since they are simple sugars. While the slow release ones are complex and provide us with energy in a slower and more sustained way over time.

The paste or  rice   foods are most used to recharge glucose muscles , but foods such as potatoes cooked or roasted skin not only provide carbohydrates,  also provide vegetable proteins, vitamins B and C group, fiber satiating , magnesium , phosphorus , zinc and potassium that regulates the hydration of the organism . They are alkaline and detoxifying foods  and help to regain energy andactivate metabolism.

Also noteworthy are cereals , carrots , pumpkin , beets , and avocado . There are fruits such as apricots , nectarines , banana , mango , figs , dates , cherries , berries, watermelon , pineapple , strawberries , pears and apples that provide us with carbohydrates and as a consequence, energy for the body.  

We also find vegetables such as aubergine , celery , collard greens , corn , cucumber , Brussels sprouts and bell peppers that also provide us with these nutrients.

Foods rich in folic acid , which is involved in the formation of red blood cells and improves oxygenation of the blood . You can have broccoli , Brussels sprouts , cauliflower, chickpeas , lentils , watercress , spinach , peanuts, and fortified cereals .

The dark chocolate is very good to recharge energy, two ounces of chocolate with at the least 85% cocoa every day; reduces pain and increases energy without weight gain. Dark chocolate increases the action of the neurotransmitter serotonin that is responsible for regulating cycles of physical activity.

The licorice is a source of sugars and potassium that stimulate the adrenal glands and give a extra supply of energy . Try to take it as a natural root infusion . Do not consume it in excess because it can cause water regulation problems due to potassium.

Among the  foods rich in hydrates we also find sweets , industrial pastries , precooked and processed foods , sweets , jams , soft drinks , refined flours , alcohol … etc, which provide us with hydrates but are not healthy and also provide us with a large amount of simple sugars from fast release, which make the blood glucose level rise quickly and also provide us with a large amount of fatTherefore, it is not advisable to make a regular consumption of these foods, being considered unhealthy and that we must consume in an exceptional way .

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