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How to sleep better and fight insomnia?

by Georgia Ede
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Essential foods to sleep well

Some foods can help to better sleep , to rest and to encourage a restful night and that’s something that almost always forget. Okay, yes, we all know that having a coffee before going to sleep is quite counterproductive, but on the other hand, there are foods that taken at the last minute promote sleep …   haven’t you stopped to think? do you know which ones they are? 

To rest better and get a restful sleep that gives us enough energy to face our day to day, we must learn to identify which are the foods that can benefit us and which are the ones that will harm us.

There are certain foods whose components influence to a certain degree when it comes to falling asleep and sleeping better .

Here are some of the best:


Although it seems incredible that theine is an exciting, numerous studies reveal that among the properties of black tea are relaxation and reduction of stress levels .

The Orientals therefore consume about four cups a day of this tea that helps them fall asleep .


Chestnuts are very interesting nuts because they contain less fat  and more carbohydrates carbon than other fruits and help you sleep better by its high content of melatonin , an antioxidant hormone that regulates the cycles of sleep .

In addition, its high content of omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial for the body.


Besides being satiating, eliminates stress and high in potassium is very beneficial to health because it is responsible for transporting nutrients to cells and regulate the hydration of the body.

A deficiency in potassium can cause weakness, nervousness, exhaustion and insomnia .


It is considered as butter of vegetable origin, it is a very healthy food for its vegetable fatty acids, of which omega 9 ,  omega 6   and linoleic acid stand out, which together with vitamin b6 helps fight depression, reduce anxiety and improve the quality of sleep .


This food supplement can purchase as a dietary supplement , it is an essential source of vitamins of the B group , which as we mentioned above combat the depression , states of anxiety and nervousness as well as irritability so it helps to relax and sleep better .

If you do some type of physical activity in which you wear out and burn calories, you will sleep more and better since your body will need rest to recover.

Food components to fall asleep

  • TRYPTOPHAN : It is an essential amino acid present mostly in proteins of animal origin. This component cannot be manufactured by our own body so it must be ingested with the diet. Tryptophan is necessary for the formation of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep).

Foods that contain it : Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, bananas, walnuts, honey.

  • VITAMIN B6 : This vitamin is necessary for the synthesis of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep).

Foods that contain it : Meats, fish, bananas and green leafy vegetables.

  • MELATONIN : It is a sleep-inducing hormone, synthesized from serotonin.

Foods that contain it : Oats, cherries, potatoes, corn, nuts, rice.

Factors against:

  • Stress
  • Large dinners (Foods high in fat cause a slower and heavier digestion).
  • Avoid going to bed right after dinner.
  • The consumption of exciting products of the central nervous system, such as coffee, tea or alcohol.

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