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The flour-free diet: benefits and drawbacks

by Georgia Ede
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The reason for a diet without flour

More and more people decide to carry out a diet without flour , or at least to test for a while if excluding flour from their diet they feel better. This decision is marked by the fact that society is increasingly aware that refined flours provide us with many calories and sugars, as well as that they are not beneficial to our health.

It is preferable to always consume whole grain flours, since they retain all the properties of cereals, while refined ones provide us with more calories empty of nutrients. Coupled with this, with the fact that more and more people have certain intolerances , or allergies, all this causes them to decide to remove flours from their diet to rule out that certain symptoms are due to their consumption.

What is the problem? What is failing in our diet so that there are more and more problems derived from it? Well, simply, the diet of society is failing and more and more because food is processed more and more every day ; and in the case of flour, the food industry has found an easy market, since it is a cheap product of first necessity and to which we are very accustomed and it is difficult to deprive ourselves, such as bread.

Bread, a product that every day becomes cheaper, less healthy, and of poorer quality but that drives most of the population crazy.

Society is very accustomed to consuming bread, cookies, cakes, sweets, pasta and doughs such as pizza and that is why deciding to carry out a diet without flour can become a real torture, since the flours are present in most of the food we eat, sometimes without even knowing it.

The dreaded gluten

The gluten is one of the factors that encourage people to discard flour from your diet, caused by gastrointestinal problems, skin, etc. And it is that more and more people have gluten intolerance or celiac disease. And for this, carrying out a flour-free diet is sometimes the solution.

We can choose flours from other cereals , such as rice or corn. Or by legume flours that provide us with more protein and less carbohydrates, thus helping us lose weight.

Eliminating gluten from our diet can become an arduous task since we will have to get used to reading food labels , since many of them contain gluten without giving us the slight idea that they contain flours. This is the case of cheeses, ham, patés, etc.

Food is heavily processed and anything has flour in it, so pay attention to the labels.

We must emphasize that more and more, and at the insistence of the people affected, companies indicate on the label the possible allergens of the products; but there is still a lot of work to be done since sometimes they do not indicate that it does not contain gluten because it is obvious, but we really do not know if it does or not.

Similarly, eliminating flour in general is one thing, and eliminating gluten is another. The truth is that nowadays it is easier to eliminate gluten, since there are multiple alternatives , but to eliminate flours in general; It is somewhat more complex so we are going to give you certain tips to carry out a diet without flour and not give up trying.

If we eliminate gluten from the diet, we must opt ​​for rice, corn, buckwheat or flours made with legumes such as lentils, chickpeas or soybeans.

Benefits of a flour-free diet

The truth is that the consumption of cereals is essential in our diet to provide the body with quality and slow absorption carbohydrates. For this reason, with the diet without flour we have not wanted to eliminate whole grains, in order to adapt the body to the changes that are going to happen in it. Since, we will provide you with less carbohydrates .

With this diet without flour we can notice multiple benefits:

Among them, the first sign that we will perceive will be a significant weight loss . Since we will considerably reduce the number of calories provided because we will provide the body with a lower amount of carbohydrates and sugars, so it will have to resort to the combustion of fats accumulated in the body.

Not meaning this, that it is a diet that weakens us, since we will replace the flours with other products that provide us with energy and recharge us with vitamins and minerals. You will lose weight without having to eat less, but removing the flours is not easy since they are present in everything.

On the other hand, the level of triglycerides will decrease considerably since the liver is in charge of transforming the glucose that we ingest from carbohydrates into fat, and by not consuming excessively, the body will not generate unnecessary fat.

In addition, the good cholesterol will rise which will make you feel more energetic.

By consuming whole, whole grains, which have not undergone a refining process, we will provide more fiber to the body, which will facilitate digestion, eliminating toxins correctly. Avoiding problems of constipation or bloating.

The glucose levels will not be peaks, will remain more stable.

Also, if we opt for legume flours, they are rich in protein, healthier for those with problems related to sugars or diabetes since they regulate insulin levels in the blood.

The blood pressure was stabilized , more cases of hypertension because it will reduce gradually the fat in the arteries and bad cholesterol.

You will notice a feeling of fullness and your appetite will be reduced. Also, if you consume whole grains, they will make satiety last longer and you will avoid snacking on less healthy foods between meals.

How can I substitute the flours?

We are going to offer you different tricks to replace the flours with healthier products that can produce the same sensations as if you consumed products that contain flours as you have been doing until now.

How do I dispose of bread and cookies?

Above all, at breakfast we are used to eating bread or cookies that we can substitute for a few tablespoons of rolled oats or wheat germ (only if we do not want to eliminate gluten).

If we want to eliminate gluten, we should opt for rice cereals or products based on lentil or soy flour , or other legumes, you can also consume buckwheat .

It is a good option to gradually reduce the intake of bread and cookies before doing the diet without flour, to notice less dependence on this type of food. As well as, we can try to learn to make bread with flours from other cereals, to satisfy our cravings.

And the pasta? And the sweets?

There are numerous alternatives for consuming whole grain pasta, but if we eliminate the flours completely, we can make our menu similar to what we were used to, “tricking” the body. An interesting option is to make ” vegetable pasta ” with zucchini strips. We will simulate noodles or spaghetti if we combine them with a tomato and cheese sauce, as we have done until now. They are delicious and provide fewer calories, and they also recharge us with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Sweets made with flours can be substituted for a bowl of assorted fruits with a tablespoon of oats and yogurt, we must also know that industrial sweets are highly harmful to health and do not benefit us in any case, so we should try to replace them for healthy foods.

We could also be surprised by the possibilities offered by legume flours to make cakes , and natural sweets that have nothing to do with industrial ones.

We can learn to make toasts from other flours with seeds so as not to have the feeling that we are not eating as before, which would make us abandon the diet. By doing new things little by little, we give the body time to progressively adapt . If you want to see our post on the excessive consumption of sugar in food .

What can i eat

You can eat everything , fruits, vegetables, vegetables, meats, fish, eggs, cheeses of everything. You have to watch the sausages, cheeses and products that are processed and may contain flour. But eat, you can eat everything.

Bet on a healthy kitchen , no fried or battered and it will be all the simplest. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be the stars of the kitchen accompanied by proteins of high biological value such as fish and lean meats.

Consequences of a diet without flour

  • Your appetite will be reduced since the flour contains a substance called gliadin that is responsible for sending signals to the brain to indicate that it is hungry, therefore it does not satisfy quickly.
  • You will lose weight because refined flours have large amounts of sugar.
  • Consuming whole wheat flour speeds up metabolism .
  • You will eat healthier and if you combine it with regular physical exercise you will   not regain the lost weight, even if from time to time you eat a product made with refined flours.
  • You will improve your cholesterol and triglycerides level , which contributes to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Blood glucose levels will improve , so you will be more protected against diseases related to diabetes.

There are no negative consequences of eliminating refined flours from our diet, since the nutrients that they provide can be found in many foods in our diet, without providing sugars.

Daily menu of a diet without flour

  • Breakfast: A few flakes of oatmeal, or puffed rice, with milk and an orange juice.
  • Lunch: A piece of fruit or a natural juice.
  • Food: Brown rice with a sautéed vegetables and a salmon fillet. For dessert a piece of fruit and an infusion.
  • Snack: A natural yogurt accompanied by strawberries or corn toast with a slice of ham (gluten-free) or fresh cheese.
  • Dinner: Zucchini noodles with bolognese sauce with cheese, a piece of fruit and an infusion.


Another alternative to start eating healthy, try it. You will notice its effects.

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