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Fatty liver diet What to eat?

by Georgia Ede
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Everything you need to know about fatty liver

Today, fatty liver is one of the main medical reasons related to healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Known in medical jargon as hepatic steatosis, it is one of the most common diseases of the liver.

Generally, nowadays we eat quite badly, we abuse junk food and we lead a sedentary life with little physical activity. This affects the way certain vital organs of our body work, in this case the liver, one of the organs that is essential for life.

The liver is responsible for processing, breaking down and balancing the blood that leaves the stomach and intestines, thus the body metabolizes the nutrients that we have provided through food and drink.

Simplifying a bit, the liver acts as a laboratory for the human body, performing more than 500 functions in our body, so it is vitally important to maintain an optimal state of health so that the entire body works normally. It is generally suffered by people who have hypercholesterolemia, that is, high blood cholesterol; since they are pathologies that are closely related.

What happens when we are diagnosed with fatty liver? Generally, this problem is determined by the lifestyle we lead since it is produced by an accumulation of fats in the liver due to a poor diet, a lack of physical exercise to burn these fats or by the generalized consumption of alcohol and other foods that They provide us with many fats devoid of nutrients , such as foods rich in hydrogenated fats or trans fats.

It is very important that we adopt healthy measures when we are diagnosed with fatty liver, since the accumulation of fats in the liver can have serious consequences, since if it stops working normally, other organs will stop working as well.

What precautions should I take?

First of all, we must take care of our diet and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages since it is one of the causes of fatty liver and is also the main cause of liver diseases. It is very important to properly hydrate the body, do some kind of physical exercise and also eat healthy.

You may also be interested in the diet to control your cholesterol , since they are pathologies that are frequently associated.

What foods should I not eat with fatty liver?

For this, it is recommended that we take into account that when fats accumulate in the liver, a destructuring of cells occurs due to inflammation and if they are not repaired, scars are created as blood flow is impeded and if the liver is not taken pertinent measures it can be irreparably damaged; For this reason and to avoid major complications, we must bear in mind that it is essential to eat healthy, starting by avoiding the following products :

  • Fried foods.
  • Foods rich in saturated, trans, or hydrogenated fats.
  • High-fat baked goods or cheeses.
  • Non-skim dairy products.
  • Foods with a high glycemic index.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Sweets, precooked, industrial pastries.

We must know that our body needs fats to develop, but we must choose healthy fats, and mainly of vegetable origin; since they provide us with essential fatty acids without the damage of fats of animal origin, which can cause us cardiovascular problems. If you want to learn to differentiate the types of fats, click here where we will inform you of everything in detail.

Here we offer you a list of the foods with their glycemic index , so that you include in your diet those that are most beneficial to protect your liver.

What foods are good to cure fatty liver?

There are multiple foods that improve the health of our liver, since they contribute to its purification and oxygenation. It is very common that most patients who have fat accumulation in the liver suffer from this condition due to an inadequate diet and harmful habits, so it is very important to know that if you do not modify the habits that have to do with your diet, you will not you will be able to cure fatty liver.

To improve your diet you should include foods that are good to treat this problem and eliminate harmful ones. You should opt for foods that include a lot of fiber and healthy proteins, as they slow down the absorption of fats in the body and help the metabolism to process and eliminate them.

It is recommended that you consume:

  • Oats : Due to its high fiber content
  • Chia seeds : Their fats are very beneficial and help improve blood flow. In addition, when they come into contact with the liquids of the food, they generate a gel that prevents the digestive system from absorbing all the fats and cholesterol from the food.
  • Garlic : It has a sulfur-based component that detoxifies the liver and clears mercury from the body. This is why garlic is a great detoxifier.
  • Onion, leek or shallot : Being from the same family, it has the same properties as garlic.
  • Flax seeds (flaxseed) : They have a large amount of omega 3 that help reduce fat levels in the blood and also have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, its high content of soluble fiber, make it an essential food for the cure of fatty liver and cholesterol control. While it also has a lot of insoluble fiber that favors rapid digestion and prevents constipation, which favors the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Vegetable oils : Such as olive oil, coconut oil, or macadamia oil, as well as walnut or avocado oil. They have a structure that favors blood flow, and as vegetable fats they offer us healthy properties without the damage of animal fats.
  • Whole grains:  Due to its fiber content, it is interesting for the body and for its detoxification.
  • Green tea : Antioxidants that help protect cells from oxidative wear and environmental toxins. Likewise, it helps to cleanse the fat present in the liver and relieve inflammation in this organ. It also reduces the percentage of fat in the body because it prevents the intestine from absorbing excess fat from food.
  • Papaya : Contains digestive enzymes that improve liver functions, they are papain and chymopapain. Although these enzymes are in a higher concentration in the seeds, so you can dry and grind them or buy the extract directly.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower and other crucifers : Due to their sulfur content, they help detoxify the liver.
  • Almonds : Contribute to blood flow and detoxification.
  • Grapefruit or taronja : For its compounds that make fats oxidize and the body eliminates them more easily.
  • Tamarind : Although it is not widely consumed, tamarind has properties that protect and purify liver tissue and also helps control blood cholesterol and eliminates fat that accumulates in liver cells.
  • Cumin : This spice is of great help for fatty liver. It greatly improves the liver functions of absorption and digestion.
  • You should also consume walnuts and other dried fruits, chard, asparagus, carrots, lentils, apples, kiwis, pineapple, pear, orange and lemon for their antioxidant, detoxifying, draining and purifying properties.

Daily diet menu for fatty liver

Breakfast : Coffee or tea with skimmed milk with whole wheat toast accompanied by fresh cheese.

Mid-morning : A piece of fruit and some nuts.

Food : Brown rice sautéed with vegetables and chicken, accompanied by a complete green salad. A low-fat yogurt for dessert.

Snack : Green tea with whole wheat toast with a slice of turkey ham.

Dinner : French omelette and broccoli as garnish. A piece of fruit for dessert.

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