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Fat Burning Soup to Lose Weight Fast!

by Georgia Ede
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 The fat burning soup that will make you lose weight quickly

Fat burning soup to lose weight can become your ally if what you want is to lose weight quickly. Although we always recommend balanced weight loss methods in which we lose weight gradually; We must know that there are fast methods , with a certain duration that help us lose weight quickly and that they are designed precisely to be fast.

This soup concentrates all those fresh and natural ingredients that help us lose weight , it also has multiple benefits if we include this soup in our usual diet. Therefore, we have developed two different plans.

On the one hand, the extreme detoxifying plan of fat burning soup for 7 days to lose weight and on the other hand the system of fat burning soup crashes within a balanced diet.

They help us, to a great extent, to motivate us and for this they must be used.

This is the case of the nutritional plan that we provide below, the fat burning soup plan that we have developed and improved to make it healthier than others you can find on the net.

As we discussed earlier, we have improved this plan to make it less aggressive for our body, making it less aggressive does not make us stop losing weight, so we have achieved a double objective. On the one hand, that the plan be fast and effective , and on the other hand that it became a healthier and more balanced plan.

The fat burning soup recipe and its benefits

  • Half cabbage : Used to lose weight because it is rich in potassium, sulfur, calcium and other mineral salts, it is also very diuretic and digestive since its regular consumption helps combat constipation problems. Every 100 grams of cabbage or cabbage provides only 40 calories, so we can say that it is a low-calorie food that interests us especially to lose weight.
  • 6 onions :The onion is known for its high purifying power, which helps to cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. It has a large amount of water, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus. It is used especially to combat fluid retention and eliminate excess uric acid, so it has a high draining and detoxifying power. They provide us with few calories, since 100 grams of cooked onion provide only 20 calories.
  • 6 tomatoes : This vegetable is known for its high antioxidant and diuretic power, which helps revitalize the body and eliminate waste substances accumulated in the body. Tomatoes also contain a significant amount of potassium, phosphorus, and chlorine. For every 100 grams they only provide 19 calories so it is a low calorie food.
  • 4 stalks of celery :This food has a high diuretic power, it helps us eliminate toxins through the ornine, in addition to producing more urine, which helps us purify the kidneys. It is rich in chlorine, sulfur, copper, calcium, and sodium. Every 100 grams of celery provide 19 calories, a food that hardly provides us with calories.
  • 2 green peppers (or one red and one green) : Peppers are rich in antioxidants and contain a lot of vitamin C. Thanks to their high fiber content, they help us fight constipation and are also very satiating. Every 100 grams of peppers have only 10 calories.
  • 2 artichokes : Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium phosphorus, B vitamins and fiber: artichokes help us in the digestive tract with problems of constipation or gas, they are also considered very draining, burn fat and also control cholesterol and glucose . 100 grams of cooked artichoke provide us with 47 calories.
  • zucchini : Zucchini is composed mostly of water, so it is highly diuretic, rich in fiber, hydrates, vitamins and minerals. It helps us fight constipation, since it makes the stool softer and also only provides us with 27 calories per 100 grams of zucchini.

The recipe is very simple, it would be enough to cut all the vegetables into small cubes and cook in double the water, over a very low heat.

In the case of adding a flavor enhancer, we will opt for spices, or lemon; You can also add salt as long as we control sodium intake in the diet.

How should I eat fat burning soup?

We have developed two options and you should choose the one that best suits your needs, both are effective when it comes to losing weight, so you should base your choice on the speed of the effects you want.

The soup can be taken both hot and cold, and either with the vegetables in pieces or all crushed, as you prefer.

7 day extreme detox plan to lose weight

The extreme plan has been developed like this to lose weight quickly in 7 days , but we have improved it, with respect to other similar systems, making it less aggressive for the organism and more effective; since we would considerably reduce certain side effects of a too strict nutritional plan.

In the first place, the plan would start with two days of mono – breakfast , in which we could only consume fat-burning soup, except for breakfast in which we could consume a coffee with skimmed milk and a biscote of whole wheat bread with skimmed fresh cheese. During the rest of the day we can consume the amount we want of soup.

After the two days of mono-breakfast, we will consume the soup during lunch and dinner and also throughout the day when we feel hungry, being able to also eat two pieces of fruit a day ; preferably during the day, never at night.

From the  third day we will introduce into the soup, at lunchtime a portion of about 50 grams of chicken or turkey breast, or a can of natural tuna or some grilled fish crumbs, to incorporate a little of proteins to the diet .

You can also include new vegetables, such as aubergine, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc (except potato, sweet potato, cassava, carrot, pumpkin) and green leafy vegetables such as spinach or chard.

In addition, on the sixth day of the diet, we will incorporate a small part of carbohydrates into the diet , such as 30 grams of rice or whole wheat pasta in the soup for the meal.

During the last day of the diet, we will return to the mono -breakfast system , except for breakfast, like the first two days.

We must consume a minimum amount of carbohydrates, to avoid that the organism begins to store them when ingesting them, producing a rebound effect in our organism.

For this reason, we recommend wholemeal bread for breakfast, in addition to dairy and meat or fish that we provide from the third day on, it provides us with the necessary proteins for our body, without providing fat.

These modifications give a greater degree of balance to the diet that we carry out with the fat-burning soup, so it is healthier and produces less impact on our body because we provide the necessary nutrients for our body to develop normal daily activity normally. .

Fat Burning Soup Crash Plan Within a Balanced Diet

This plan is developed to incorporate into the diet that we usually have two days of shock with the fat burning soup that we will consume two alternate days both at lunch and at dinner to cleanse the body, drain and also combat excess calories produced in previous days. So we will lose weight faster than following a traditional diet.

Alternatives to weight loss diets

There are numerous alternatives available to us that allow us to lose weight, balanced diets, fast diets, crash diets, nutritional plans combined with exercise, products designed to lose weight, substitute meals, pills, etc. But   are all of these methods healthy? The answer is clear, not all of them are healthy and not all of them provide benefits to our body, so we must choose those options that have the least risk to our health. And based on these two precepts we should choose a balanced diet  combined with exercise to lose weight.

But, everything is not always as simple as it seems; We do not always have the necessary strength or the necessary mentality to start a diet, which is why what we usually call quick motivation plans appear .

That is, alternative nutritional plans, known as fast diets, which have a rapid effect on our body and motivate us to move on later, switch to a balanced diet combined with exercise that makes us lose weight in a healthier way and without effect. bounce .

If we carry out this type of nutritional plans for the expected duration, they have no contraindications for our health, but it is always better to let ourselves be advised by qualified personnel if we have previous illnesses or any health problem.

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