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Extreme and effective diets to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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The so-called extreme diets are those that promise a barbaric weight loss in a very short time . They are also known as miracle diets , a name they do not deserve, since, as we always say, there are no miracles to lose weight.

Sometimes this type of diet puts the health of those who do it at risk, we must be aware of and learn to distinguish a fast diet , which meets some basic nutritional premises, and an extreme diet , which is based on the intake of a food alone or in a partial fast, or even total.

For this reason, we are going to make a distinction between extreme diets, either because they are fast or very restrictive diets , but do not pose a risk to the health of those who carry them out, if they do so under the premises and guidelines that are given to them. offer.

And on the other hand, the extreme diets that we consider less recommended , because their nutritional guidelines are not entirely safe and healthy for those who decide to do this type of diet.

We offer you a series of fast and extreme diets that are used to lose weight under certain conditions, for example to lose weight quickly before an event; But for long-term weight loss and in a healthy way, we recommend a healthy diet based on a balanced diet in combination with physical exercise to achieve our ideal weight , and that is maintained over time, also enjoying an optimal state of health. .

Extreme diets to lose 10 kilos

Within this section we are going to offer you extreme diets with which to lose up to 10 kilos of weight in record time. Remember that it is important not to put your health at risk , and that you should consult with a nutritionist before undertaking any diet, especially if you have a previous illness or health problem that could be affected.

In the first place, we find the 900 calorie diet that we consider an extreme diet because it is very restrictive in terms of caloric intake , but if it is carried out without exceeding the prescribed duration, it does not pose health risks and you can lose 10 kilos in a month.

Another very restrictive one is the 500 calorie diet with which you can lose weight quickly as well, although it is more difficult because it is more strict, and requires a greater effort .

We also find intermittent fasting diets , or diets such as the Military diet that are based on three strict days to lose weight and then days of normal consumption, such as the alternate day diet .

We also find other types of nutritional regimes that we consider extreme due to the conditions of the diet, for example the Ketogenic diet , which we consider extreme because it produces changes in the body, which can be dangerous to health, as is the case of the state of ketosis .

Another such diet is Scardale with which you can lose 8 kilos in 14 days.

You can try some less restrictive like the diet of the 1,300 calories , or the 1,500 calories that are more balanced .

With the 3-day diet you can lose 3 kilos, so it is very comfortable to lose those pounds before an event, or after a few days of excess, such as vacation periods, etc.

With the tuna diet you can also lose 3 kilos in three days, despite not being very balanced, its duration is so short that it does not produce health risks, but you should not prolong it for much longer. So you can also find fast diets like the 5-day diet .

On the other hand, there are diets such as the liquid diet that modifies nutritional habits, or dissociated diets that base their operation on dividing the food intake according to their group, among these you can find the fast version of the diet of the 7 days .

On the other hand, detox diets are also usually extreme due to their restrictions, among them you can find the cleansing diet , or detox diets .

These diets serve to cleanse our body of toxins and waste substances, you will also find the Maple syrup diet that is purifying and combines semi-fasting phases or the lemon diet to lose weight and detoxify the body.

The most famous extreme diets

On the web you can find a multitude of extreme diets, which base their nutritional guidelines on many factors that have nothing to do with nutrition or health, as is the case with the astral diet ; that recommends a type of diet according to your zodiac sign.

As with all this, generalities make people feel identified and fall into the trap. That is, believe that your problem with being overweight has something to do with what the astral diet tells you.

Of this type we also find the full moon diet  , which is based on alternating fasting with the consumption of foods rich in liquids following the phases of the moon. On the days when the moon changes to the last quarter and the first quarter, it is a semi-fast of 26 hours, where you can add other foods to the liquids.

Another very famous one is the blood group diet , with which according to your blood group we must eat a type of food.

Also, within this group we find the kangaroo diet , something difficult to carry out if you do not live in Australia, in which you can only eat meat from this friendly animal.

On the other hand, there are diets, which are also usually quite dangerous , which are based on eating a single food , as is the case with the grapefruit diet, in which only and yes, you have read correctly; We will only eat grapefruits. What happens with these types of diets? That they fall into abandonment because there is no one who can spend a long time ingesting only grapefruits and also produces large deficits of proteins, vitamins and minerals in our body, which can lead to serious health problems.

Therefore, less strict versions are developed that help us lose weight making the most of the properties of each food, here you can find the healthy version of the grapefruit diet .

We can also find crash diets , in which not only is a food consumed, but its consumption is greatly increased to benefit from the properties of said food.

Barbaric or baseless diets

On the other hand, we find extreme diets that we know as barbaric diets , which base their foundation on authentic nonsense that incite people who practice them to fall into diseases such as anorexia and bulimia .

This is the case of the air diet , which has become fashionable lately, in which you eat air. Basically they try to make us believe that by picking up a spoon or a fork we are fooling the body by pretending to eat. It seems a joke, but it is not. They allow the consumption of liquids but low in calories, to prevent those who try this type of diet from fainting. A real madness comparable to the diet of the monks of Brazil that you can find out about here.

Another diet that has spread is the laughing diet , which at least does not pose a risk to those who practice it because it is only about laughing. After it was discovered that  laughing for 15 minutes makes us lose up to 40 calories , which said like this, is not bad at all if we want to lose weight.

Diets that modify nutritional habits

We also find diets in which the change of certain nutritional habits completely modify our metabolism causing it to begin to lose weight in a disproportionate way.

The reverse diet is one of the diets that, by modifying our metabolism, makes us lose weight. In this case, it addresses the question of whether by eating more we can lose weight and gives us the keys on how to do it.

This is also the case of the reversive diet , that is, we must turn the daily menu around, breakfast will be our last meal of the day and dinner our first. This diet is committed to consuming many more calories when the day begins and few calories before going to bed. But of course, this is not very comfortable for those with an active social life, since if you go out to dinner with friends it will be a bit strange to have a glass of milk with two cookies or a healthy breakfast . The creator of this diet claims to have lost 90 kilos in 5 years by modifying this nutritional habit.

Another of the most famous is the forking diet , in which we can only eat everything that can be punctured with a fork, we must banish spoons from our table and eat only with a fork. Of course, it is not worth using it as a spoon, only by clicking.

While it is true, this diet is not dangerous to health because, even eating only what can be pricked with the fork, we can eat a wide variety, and ensure a balanced diet, it all depends on the foods we choose to prick with our fork.

We find in this type of diet the 8-hour diet, a diet that regulates when you can eat. If you want more information you can find everything you need to know about her here . We must emphasize that it is a safe diet and that it is not harmful to health, it has basic principles that respond to scientifically studied criteria that make it effective.

Risks of extreme diets

Generally, in fast diets, risks occur when we continue for a longer time than indicated. They can cause nutritional deficits that cause us to have symptoms of exhaustion, tiredness, fatigue, headache, weakness, bleeding gums, etc.

All of them motivated by a lack of nutrients in our body. Other diets can cause anxiety problems, due to their level of self-demand and their restrictions.

We must take into account that our body needs to be nourished in a healthy way to be able to carry out its metabolic activity and its basic functions and that the moment we do not provide it with enough energy it will begin to try to obtain it by other means, so it can be produced, Obviously, rapid weight losses but that are not maintained over time, since when we eat regularly again, the body will begin to reserve everything we have deprived it of, in case we do it again.

This is how what we call the yo-yo effect or rebound effect is produced , with which we regain the lost weight in a very short time.

On the other hand, with these diets the analytical levels of kidney and liver function can be altered , which are the first to notice all the changes that have to do with digestion and the elimination of toxins and substances that do not interest the body. .

In addition, some extreme diets produce changes in the intestinal flora, thus leading to gastrointestinal or digestive problems such as ulcers, constipation, gas, etc.

Recommendations for extreme diets

From TakeDiets.com we recommend that you carry out a healthy diet combined with exercise, and that you make use of fast diets with a clear objective, such as losing a few kilos before an event, or after a period of excesses; but not as a technique for regular weight loss that is maintained over time.

We can take advantage of these extreme diets , of short duration, as a motivational push to lose weight, and then continue with a balanced diet that ensures all the nutrients that our body needs and with which we can lose weight in a healthy way combining it with physical exercise regular . You can also see the balanced diet , or the alloy diet .

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