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Emily Ratajkowski’s diet

by Georgia Ede
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Do you want to get Emily Ratajkowski’s body?

The one who was awarded as the best model in 2013 , Emily Ratajkowski reveals the secrets about her diet and how she takes care of her body, which is the most sought after on the net. Emily, at 25 years of age, boasts of having the  best body on the planet , perfectly combining feminine curves with a slim figure despite not being excessively tall.

The British actress and model reveals to us how she manages to have that heart attack body , and tells us that it is not only the work of good genetics, but that she takes care of her diet on a daily basis and combines it with physical exercise . He is not obsessed with strict diets , because he considers that it is always important to indulge yourself .

The best kept secrets of the model

As revealed in an interview, the British-American model, who now resides in Los Angeles, everything is based on finding a balance between the energy needed to face her day to day and the feeling of being healthy .

The truth is that it is no secret, what the actress and model reveals to us since, to maintain the silhouette, we only need a balance between the calories we eat and those that our body needs to develop basic functions. But we must be aware of it, everything is based on a balance between what we consume and the energy we use.

In addition, Emily reveals to us that she usually cooks the food she eats herself, since it is the only way to control her consumption of salt and sugar . You have decided to eliminate precooked products from your diet ,  since industrial products are full of calories and fat due to the abuse of these two supplements that we add to the food we eat to preserve them or to add flavor to our meals. The fact of cooking food in a healthy way and not consuming precooked products makes us considerably reduce the number of calories we eat.

The model confesses to us that she is a true carnivore , she loves meat and therefore predominates in her diet, without neglecting the consumption of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and fish; but the consumption of meat predominates. In addition, this ensures a good level of iron . The meat must always be lean, that is, remove the fattiest parts. The meats with less fat are poultry (with the exception of duck and goose meat) but you can consume all kinds of meats, although it is advisable not to eat lamb due to its high levels of fat.

On the other hand, Emily states that it is vitally important to take a break from time to time, and not obsess over strict diets . He reveals that he is not one of the people who devours potato chips , but he does love cupcakes and from time to time he indulges .

For this, he affirms that it is essential to combine diet with physical exercise . She claims to practice yoga two days a week, in addition to intense walks around Los Angeles.

Emily Ratajkowski’s beauty ritual

For the model, it is vital to follow a beauty and health ritual that is based on a correct hydration of the skin, to have impeccable eyebrows.

She states that she does not usually use large amounts of makeup, that a little cream blush or lipstick is enough for her.

Her beauty routine is simple, and according to her, diet is the basis for showing off radiant skin as well as being accompanied by good creams that complement and help us repair the damage caused by sun exposure, pollution and use. of products that can be aggressive for our skin.

The model’s recommendations for a body 10

  • Take care of the diet.
  • Cook in a healthy way.
  • Eliminate precooked products.
  • Control the consumption of salt and sugar.
  • Combine diet with exercise.
  • Finding the balance between the necessary energy and feeling healthy.
  • Drink about 2 liters of water a day.
  • Indulge yourself from time to time.
  • Don’t obsess over very strict diets.
  • And for a radiant appearance: properly hydrate the skin, cream blushes or a good lipstick.

These are Emily Ratajkowski’s recommendations to achieve a healthy and beautiful body.

For our part, we always recommend that you take care of your diet and combine it with physical exercise to achieve your goals, all you need is willpower, perseverance and hard work accompanied by good diets that help us lose the weight we want.

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