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Does eating gum make you fat?

by Georgia Ede
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Does eating gum make you fat or help you lose weight?

There are many controversies about whether chewing gum helps to open the appetite and gain weight or on the contrary it helps to reduce the appetite and can serve as a resource to lose weight . Little by little the studies are dispelling the doubts that exist about this widespread action and that is, eating gum is used for different things that we are going to see below.

Since time immemorial and in any part of the world there were civilizations that looked for anything to put into their mouths to fight hunger , refresh their mouths or improve their breath.

For centuries, the Andean Indians had the custom of chewing coca leaf to avoid hunger, combat thirst, pain and even fatigue. This leaf has cocaine as an alkaloid component from which cocaine is extracted, which in its concentrated form is addictive. But we have to say that its concentration in the leaf is less than 1%, so it is very low. In short, this common habit among the indigenous people of the Andes is similar to ours of chewing gum.

There is also the tradition of chewing peppermint or mint leaves to freshen the breath, and it is also used to prevent dizziness, headaches, and even to improve the digestive tract, as well as bay leaf that is also used for this purpose. Chewing bay leaves is very common to alleviate many other problems such as sinusitis, as it acts as a decongestant and expectorant, or to improve intestinal transit.

Another similar habit that keeps you entertained and controls your appetite is sucking on pure licorice . A very common fact in the past that was used to combat hunger.

Now the industry makes it much easier for us, since chewing a leaf can be a little more unpleasant and less comfortable than chewing gum.

In addition, we find them with different shapes and different textures as well as a multitude of flavors.

What do the studies reveal?

A new study seems to pave the way indicating that regular consumption of sugar-free gum helps control appetite , as well as control the intake of food or snacks that are consumed between meals , directly helping to control excessive intake of calories and therefore it can be concluded that it helps reduce appetite .

In itself, chewing gum is not satiating, but chewing it does make our body detect that it is “eating” and let’s say we are fooling our body.

It should also be noted that the habit of chewing gum produces a slight extra caloric expenditure in the body, not very important, but to be taken into account in this analysis.

According to this study, chewing gum accelerates metabolism , because we maintain the belief in our body that food is being ingested because more salivation arrives, and the stomach begins to function waiting for food, therefore metabolic activity remains active.

If you want to know how to speed up your metabolism, here we leave you the supermetabolism diet .

Apparently, it was also deduced that people who chewed gum had less anxiety to eat some sweet food or to peck between meals, because chewing keeps you entertained, and reduces the need to put something else in your mouth.

Therefore, we can say that chewing gum reduces anxiety to eat and hunger attacks.

If you want to know other tips to reduce hunger attacks here we leave you all the information.

Benefits of chewing gum

  • It controls the appetite and reduces the desire to eat other foods with a higher caloric load (snacking).
  • Speeds up metabolism.
  • Increase caloric expenditure.
  • Decrease anxiety levels.
  • Reduces hunger attacks.
  • Freshens mouth and breath.
  • It hardly contributes calories and keeps our metabolic activity active.

Side effects of chewing gum

On the other hand, to highlight its negative aspect, it should be noted that chewing gum excessively can cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, stomach pain, laxative effect, etc …, but moderate consumption between hours of sugar-free gum can be our ally when we want to lose weight .

Of course, it is very important that the gum is always sugar-free , since otherwise we will be increasing the caloric consumption of our diet with the sugar that the gum provides us. They must be without sugar, that always.

Therefore, we can conclude that the habit of chewing gum by itself will not make us lose much weight , but it can be another ally to consider as a complement to a weight loss diet, since it keeps us satiated and controlled. our appetite, especially in cases of food anxiety.

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