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Diet to lose a lot in a short time

by Georgia Ede
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Lose a lot in a short time, how to achieve it?

All of us when we seek to carry out a slimming diet , we intend to lose weight or lose weight in the first place, but most of us are not worth it with just that, but we want to lose a lot of weight , we want to lose many kilos , we are not satisfied with losing weight one or two kilos.

Well, that is a good goal, since we do not have to settle for a little, but neither obsess over losing more than necessary, it is enough to get to feel good about ourselves and also achieve an improvement in our health.

Here we explain the healthiest ways to lose a lot of weight safely and sustained over time, the importance of the “rebound” effect in fast diets, how to carry out a diet and lose weight in a healthy way, what to do after make a fast diet and other alternatives to lose weight that suit you.

Is a lot of weight in a short time healthy?

This answer to this question is quite clarifying, the truth is that no. It is not healthy or effective to lose weight quickly since it is generally not maintained over time, that is, we will catch it again easily, the healthiest thing is to lose weight gradually, sustained over time and above all else. we should care is to modify the eating behaviors that are making us gain weight or eat unhealthy.

Therefore, below we will give some basic guidelines to try to lose weight as much as possible but with caution.

Well, it is not worth us, lose 2 kilos in two days and in the following week not lose even half a kilogram, because we must be constant and especially if we want to keep well for a long time, carry out a complete and proportional diet in the weather. For this reason, as we will explain below, it is also necessary to learn to avoid the rebound effect.

The counterpart of the rebound effect

The Yo-Yo effect , whose name refers to the toy, emphasizing that it is as easy to lose weight as it is to gain weight again and that what goes down fast also goes up fast .

This effect usually occurs in fast diets or in the so-called short crash diets, because in these diets that are generally short, as well as strict, you usually lose weight quickly but nevertheless you also tend to gain it quickly if you do not continue a plan later of adequate action or abandon them abruptly.

To do this, you should continue with a balanced diet that offers our body everything it needs and when we achieve our goal and reach our ideal weight we must go on a maintenance diet , to avoid the rebound effect.

How to lose weight in a healthy way?

For all this, the most important thing is to become aware that carrying out a fast diet is generally useful for a specific act, since people usually carry them out before a festive act , such as a wedding or communion, when you know that then comes a good feast and you have to take care of yourself a little.

But they do not serve as a safe and long-lasting weight loss method.

It can serve as motivation to lose weight quickly and start another more sustainable and healthy weight loss system such as a 1500 calorie diet or the TLC diet , a therapeutic diet that is currently very fashionable.

But in this article, we emphasize that to lose weight fast , is not thin much , what we want is slimming the maximum possible kilograms without thinking in time or be influenced by it.

If you are interested in quick diets we offer the diet 3 days , the diet of the 4 days , the diet 5 days or diet 7 days .

You may also be interested in the military diet to lose 5 kg in 3 days .

If you prefer to lose more weight in a little more time, you may be interested in the 20/20 diet or the 13-day diet that allows you to lose weight quickly.

A healthy diet combined with regular physical exercise and good eating habits ensure safe and rapid healthy weight loss.

Premises to lose weight fast

  • Carrying out a fast diet is not an easy task since it is the one that requires the most sacrifice, although the one that will cost us the least, because initially the motivation will be greater to carry it out, and seeing that we will have lost something will motivate us to continue ahead.
  • We must perform some type of aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. This will help us to better metabolize food and burn fat and lose weight . Perhaps as a reference you can use the following link: Exercises to lose weight .
  • A good way to carry out a fast diet is by realizing that it is a few days of effort to achieve an immediate goal, but that if we want to continue losing weight it is advisable that we change the nutritional plan for a healthier one that cannot put our health at risk. .
  • To lose weight fast we can use natural fat burning products that make us lose weight more quickly, eliminating the accumulated fat in our body. There are also remedies such as fat burning soup , which helps us lose weight quickly.
  • The most important thing is to change our eating habits towards healthy behaviors that make us lose weight, and then be able to maintain it. For this reason, it is important that we learn to eat and combine our diet with good hydration of the body and exercise to keep ourselves in optimal health.
  • Another way to lose weight quickly is to choose the foods we consume well to ensure that they provide the maximum nutritional level to our body, without hardly adding calories, this is the case of superfoods , which you can find out in more detail in this link.
  • Dieting with low-glycemic foods for weight loss is also very effective .

What to do after a fast diet?

The difference is whether or not we have achieved our goal, as this is paramount. If we choose a fast diet to lose a couple of kilos and we have achieved our goal, the next step is to go on a maintenance diet.

  • Make a proper maintenance diet when we have achieved our goal, or our ideal weight. It seems to most people that only a fast weight loss diet is worth us, but in reality this is not the case, a weight loss diet must be prolonged in time, we must not be in a hurry or obsess, but rather to become a habit in our life, to eat well and healthy.
  • If, on the other hand, we have decided to go on a fast diet as a motivation to start losing weight once the period established by the diet has passed, we should NOT prolong it for longer, as it may have risks to our health. It is then when we will have to change the nutritional plan, adapting it to our needs.
  • Make a more balanced and healthy diet that allows us to achieve our goals. For this, we offer you different alternatives such as the metabolic diet  or the supermetabolism diet   that will help you lose weight by accelerating your basal metabolism. If you still don’t know the importance of your metabolism when it comes to losing weight, here we offer you all the information .

Other alternatives to lose weight

If you are a person of good food and want to lose weight, you can try the Gourmet Diet,  a diet in which eating is a real pleasure.

In the following link we also propose maintenance diets that do not require much effort and that are easy to carry out for a long time. Easy Maintenance Diets .  

We hope we have been of help to you, and have guided you in the way in which we should get used to carrying out a diet to lose weight.

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