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Dieta WW (Weight Watchers) – Puntos

by Georgia Ede
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The Weight Watchers method  was founded in 1963 in New York by the American “Jean Nidetch” who had the idea of ​​getting together with some friends to lose weight in a group with mutual support.

The term ” weight watchers ” literally means ” weight watchers “. The weight watchers clubs originally emerged in New York, today they are throughout the world.

This method has dietary schemes established by experts and also, during the weight loss program, it is advisable to consult your own personal doctor to undergo regular check-ups.

The method is that everything you eat and drink has a certain number of points.

You can take whatever you want as long as you don’t exceed a certain number of points per day.

Each person has a certain number of points available per day depending on their age, weight and height. There are also different types of diets; easy diet (26 points), moderate diet (22 points) and strict diet (18 points).

There are no forbidden foods and no medication is recommended.

The weekly meetings are the key to successfully lose weight and maintain the final weight, as it is based on the fact that it is easier in the company.

Despite having different basic pillars to carry out this method, the most important is the support of the group, the meetings are weekly and must be constant, it is essential to learn the experiences of other colleagues.

Despite all this, today in the society in which we live we increasingly need more time to carry out the tasks of daily life and for many people the fact of having to attend meetings and support programs. Therefore, this method is not compatible for all people who, either for work or personal reasons, find it impossible to travel to the center to carry out this plan.

There is an alternative diet to this method, known as the Points Diet , which is based on the fact that each food has a number of points and that you must eat food per day as long as the sum is between a certain point scale. .

You can visualize this diet in the following link: Diet by points .

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