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Diet to lose belly

by Georgia Ede
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The best tips to eliminate the belly

Both men and women have this same concern, excess abdominal volume , and it is one of the main signs of being overweight . For this reason, and because of how unsightly it is to see that accumulation of fat in the abdomen, we decided to go on a diet to say goodbye to the belly. But, sometimes it is not easy to lose weight in these localized areas so now we will give you some brief advice and we will offer you different diets designed to lose belly, we will also combine it with some simple exercises to eliminate the belly quickly .

First of all, we must comment that there are different constitutions and that just as there are women who are quite wide at the hips, or with wide thighs, and without a belly; There are others that are very thin in constitution and with a belly. So it is a subject that should not obsess you, but anyway, everything can be improved with a few tricks to lose those love handles or that belly  that bothers us so much.

Remember that you must combine a proper diet with exercise  to get rid of your belly, but you can also help yourself with natural fat burners that speed up the process. We talk about all this in this post, you cannot miss it.

How to get rid of the tummy?

diet appropriate to your needs accompanied by exercise are the best solutions to have a flat stomach, here we offer you some options that can help you make your belly disappear.

First of all, you should know that eliminating the belly is not achieved by stopping eating, but by distributing the food throughout the day in more and smaller amounts , to avoid bloating. It is not good to do periods of fasting because it slows down your metabolism.

The ideal way to maintain your belly is to avoid large meals , which cause slow digestion, gas and bloating . You must chew a lot and slowly. It is very important not to breathe when eating and eat calmly and in time.

For any type of diet the following advice is important, but for this one it comes in handy: Have a large breakfast, have something light in the middle of the morning, eat healthy , have something fresh and have a very light dinner .

There are no specific foods that eliminate your belly, but there are those that help you deflate and prevent the problem from persisting. This is the case with whole grains and low-fat skimmed dairy , as well as fruits and vegetables .

The legumes, although they are a powerful fat burning,  the need to consume in moderation and foods that tend to accumulate gases, such as cabbage, spicy, fizzy drinks, etc. The algae  and nuts are highly recommended for its fat burning action, but keep in mind that especially nuts contain a lot of fat, and although they are healthy we should not abuse them.

The diet to achieve a flat stomach adapts to your needs, that is why we offer it here.

If your weak point is the belly, you should be especially careful with certain foods that cause bloating and fat accumulation . This is the case of large meals in which many foods are mixed, with sauces with condiments and with carbonated or alcoholic drinks. For this reason, you should practically eliminate fried foods, sweets, pastries, carbonated drinks, tobacco, alcohol, spices, hot spices, sauces, pre-cooked and frozen products, both salty and sweet snacks and snacks. red meat especially.

You can see more tips on how to have a flat stomach here .

Fat burners that help you lose belly

There are many foods that act as natural fat burners and help the body get rid of the fat accumulated in our body. Some of these products can help to accelerate metabolism , achieving greater caloric combustion in less time, others increase body temperature such as thermogenic foods , etc.

From among them we highlight foods such as legumes, foods rich in calcium (better skimmed), whey, flaxseed, eggs, seaweed, oats, or fish and omega 3 and 6 acids.

Also fruits such as papaya, apple cider vinegar or green and red teas, as well as cinnamon , cayenne pepper , or green coffee help us burn fat quickly.

We leave you below the papaya diet , since it is specific to reduce abdominal volume and accumulated fat in the belly.

Recommendations to eliminate the belly

The main thing is to increase fiber consumption , since fiber makes digestions less heavy and faster and prevents constipation, which produces toxins that accumulate in the body, causing us to bloat and increase gas. To combat this problem, add kiwi, plums, bifidus yogurt, oranges and citrus fruits to your diet.

You should also drink plenty of water , but in small doses, not when you are thirsty but throughout the day. Water cleanses our body and allows proper drainage and proper elimination of toxins.

You should eat carbohydrates but not in excess . You should avoid sunflower and corn oils and consume olive oil. Avoid trans fats, or hydrogenated fats, betting on healthy fats. If you still do not know how to distinguish the types of fats, we invite you to inform yourself in the link. As for carbohydrates, it is better to consume them during the day, never at dinner and it is always preferable that you take them on days with more physical effort. Eliminate white sugar from your diet, try substituting it for   stevia , honey, brown sugar or Maple Syrup.

Keep in mind that no matter how little sugar you eat, you will always be consuming more than you think, because products that you do not suspect have it have large amounts of sugar; This is the case of sausages, bread, potatoes, etc. You can find out in depth in this post about sugar , the new drug of the 21st century.

Your way of cooking is vital, to reduce abdominal volume . Bet on stir-fries, steam cooking, without stewing much, without adding sauces; it is preferable to cook in the oven or on the grill.

Exercises to lose belly fast

You must accompany your diet with physical exercise to enhance the burning of calories . It is very important that you walk and do some aerobic activity to burn fat in addition to doing sit-ups to tone your muscles .

You have to combine both cardiovascular exercise with toning exercises to achieve a flat abdomen.

Here is a video of exercises to lose belly, which you can do at home to achieve your goals more quickly, it will not take you more than 10 minutes. Do not miss it!

Change your habits and get rid of that belly that bothers you so much!

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