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Diet to lose 10 kilos in a few weeks

by Georgia Ede
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A simple diet, suitable for everyone, with which you can lose 10 kilos of weight in 20 days without starving

This diet allows you to lose 10 kilos in 20 days . This diet is indicated for those who are moderately or highly overweight. That is, if you have 5 kilos left over, it is difficult for you to lose 10 kilos with this diet, but you can lose the 5 you want to lose. We must always adapt the diet to our needs  or choose to follow another that fits our profile and state.

As we already know, people who are very overweight have a great facility to lose the first few kilos , since they change many behaviors in relation to eating and their healthy lifestyle habits .

However, people who must lose less than 10 kilos usually take longer, as the body also detects how much weight is left over. And also, if there are less than 10 kilos left over, it will surely cost less to modify habits, since some of the healthy behaviors; will be taking place. All you have to do is add a few more.

On this website you will find other diets indicated to lose less weight. You can see here the diet to lose 5 kilos that is more fashionable, it is the military diet , a success.

Who is it suitable for?

Before doing this diet, we must indicate that this diet is for people in good health to follow  and that they should consult with your doctor, whenever they have any health problems. On the other hand, we must take into account the importance of doing regular physical exercise .

It does not matter the type of exercise, although it is true, aerobic exercise is always advised . Well, more calories are burned , but if you are not able to do it, just go for a walk at least 45 minutes a day at a light pace.

As you get into physical shape, it will be easier to incorporate aerobic exercises, as it will increase your resistance to exercise and you will lose weight more quickly.

What does it consist of?

This diet is not restrictive from the beginning, as this leads to fatigue and abandonment. This diet is regular and is based on progressively reducing calorie  intake during the first week.

Once, these first days pass, in which you will lose weight in a sustainable and gradual way; the motivation will increase and will we carry out the next phase stricter, so more bearable.

This diet has a high power of satisfaction of those who do it, since the principle is not the most expensive, which is really when it costs us the most.

It begins as a light diet , easy to carry, which in its second phase becomes more strict, and in which we will lose weight more quickly.

During the first phase you will lose a little weight, and this will motivate us to continue with the second phase; since the weight we lost during the first stage has been with hardly any effort , which gives us a good spirit to continue with the second stage.

Phases of the diet to lose 10 kilos

The first phase is very simple, we will carry it out during the first week:

  • We will limit the consumption of pasta or rice to twice a week never at dinner.
  • We will not eat legumes and bread will only be consumed in the morning for breakfast.
  • We will distribute the meals in 6 servings a day. The most important being breakfast and lunch. Mid-morning, snack, dinner and what we take before going to sleep should be very light. With this we will avoid pecking.
  • If we feel hungry, we should take a tea or infusion to feel full and not consume calories. We should not add sugar to preserve its diuretic and slimming properties.
  • We will not consume fried foods, stews with fat, sauces, batters or sweets.
  • We will base our diet on lean, low-fat, grilled foods. Both white and blue fish, all types of meat, preferably turkey, chicken and beef because they have less fat.

In the second phase we will follow the guidelines of the first, adding some more such as:

  • Limit the consumption of pasta or rice to once a week.
  • Always combine the dishes with a good starter salad, or steamed vegetables to fill ourselves up earlier and eat less of the main dishes.
  • Always cook on the grill or steam.
  • We will eliminate potatoes, yucca, sweet potato, etc. from our diet.
  • We will consume a lot of fruits, vegetables and vegetables in season.
  • We will limit the use of oil to two tablespoons a day. We can season with unlimited spices, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

The second will last from day 8 to day 20, after this time we have other options to lose weight.

Once the 20 days have elapsed if we have not reached the desired weight, we can start it again, or try doing a crash diet to motivate ourselves, with a greater and faster weight loss. and then return to the diet for 20 more days.

Daily diet menu to lose 10 kilos

Below we put the one-day menu as a sample for reference.

Option 1: A latte and two slices of whole wheat bread spread with low-fat white cheese or cold turkey. Option 2: A glass of skim milk and 40 grams of cereals.
A piece of fruit or natural juice.
A chicken fillet with salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot).
Mid afternoon
A piece of fruit or a yogurt.
A French omelette with steamed vegetables and a piece of fruit.


We offer you here information on  light dinners to lose weight , as they can be of great help when following this diet.

Before going to bed we can have a yogurt, two whole grain cookies or something light without sugar or fat, if we feel hungry.

Cheer up is an easy diet  to carry out , progressive, which makes it more bearable at the beginning, which is when it is most difficult to take the right path. Combine it with some type of exercise of your liking and success is assured.

If you are interested in quick diets to lose weight, here are some of the most famous, the 7-day diet .

Diet to lose 20 kilos

To lose 10 more kilos we can go back to doing the diet, although it is true in those cases there is usually a stagnation after weight loss, so we can choose to make a more restrictive diet, promote weight loss and then start new cycle with this diet.

If you are interested, you can consult other diets that can help you here, such as the 4-day or  5-day diet .

You can also try diets like the Scardale diet or Dr. Bolio’s Crash diet

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