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Detox diet, lose weight, cleaning and purification (3 in 1)

by Georgia Ede
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To detoxify the body …

Holidays are over, periods of excesses are over and cleansing diets are an excellent option to eliminate all kinds of impurities from the body, lead a healthier life and begin to maintain the line. Therefore, the Detox diet helps the body eliminate toxins and protect itself against so-called free radicals (harmful substances that accelerate aging).

The Antioxidants are substances capable of slow oxidative process caused by the presence of free radicals. The body has oxide-reducing enzymes but if these cannot act due to the large amount of free radicals present then non-enzymatic antioxidant substances come into play , among which we can highlight the following:

  • Vitaminas . Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.
  • Amino acids . Methionine, Tyrosine, Cysteine.
  • Minerals . Zinc, Copper, Selenium.
  • Others . Flavonoids, Isoflavones, Carotenoids.

And this is how the body purifies itself through food, the drainage of retained fluids, and for this we must offer our body the foods that have the highest vitamin and mineral concentration to be able to guarantee that fight against free radicals.

The Detox diet that we offer you below is progressive , that is to say, little by little food is incorporated, but it begins with a detoxifying phase to get the body to cleanse itself in depth and eliminate the toxins that produce excess fluids and of weight in our organism.

To do this, it begins as indicated below with a liquid fasting phase, and we will gradually add food, until we complete the menu by making it a balanced diet that does not eliminate any type of nutrients.

We can carry out this diet from time to time repeating the process, but we cannot lengthen the phases to lose more weight, as for example happens with the first liquid phase, with which more weight is lost, because few calories are ingested.

We must always repeat the order established, remember that it is not worth putting our health at risk.

Recommendations for the Detox diet

The Detox Diet that is proposed below consists of a cleansing diet that goes from less to more, it begins by ingesting only liquids and little by little other food groups are incorporated, as we have indicated previously.

With this diet, in addition to facilitating the cleaning and drainage of the body, you will be able to lose at least 3 kilos in 5 days , cleaning your body and getting rid of all the substances that can harm our body.

Every day you should practice a regular exercise of about 45 minutes, such as walking, swimming or cycling.

At least 2 liters of water should be drunk daily, to guarantee the body’s water level , helping the organs to fulfill their function, mainly the kidneys, which will see their function altered by producing an excess of urine that motivates the drainage of all the retained substances.

You may also be interested in the cleansing diet to cleanse your body, or the lemon diet .

What can I eat with the Detox diet?

As you can see, each day new food groups are added to the list of allowed foods. You will have to incorporate them without eliminating any of the groups, since it is essential to do so so that the diet works and the body is purified correctly, in addition to that we will be able to lose the desired weight.

During the first day we will only be able to consume liquids , on the second day we will incorporate vegetables , on the third the legumes , on the fourth we will incorporate nuts that provide us with healthy fats and essential amino acids, and on the fifth day we will incorporate fish and eggs .

Meat is the food group that leaves us with the most toxins in the body, so this diet dispenses with it. However, it is chosen to provide the body with protein of plant origin, and incorporate fish and eggs to make up for the possible protein deficiency.

Our body and toxins

In this image you can clearly see the functions performed by each of the organs of our body related to the detoxification process .

Complete menu of the Detox cure

Remember that it is important to follow the menu that is offered without making any modifications or alterations to the order, as this contributes to the correct functioning of the diet.


DAY 1 – Liquid fast day to break barriers and eliminate toxins

A green tea with a teaspoon of rosemary honey. A citrus juice (orange, grapefruit, lemon).
Infusion or tea with rosemary honey. Citrus juice.
A large bowl of vegetable broth (carrot, pumpkin, zucchini, leek, celery). A natural orange juice.
Mid afternoon
An infusion with rosemary honey. A natural orange juice.
Vegetables soup. An infusion or tea with rosemary honey.
Day 2 – Day of steamed vegetables, they provide us with fiber for good intestinal function
A green tea with rosemary honey. A natural orange juice.
Vegetable broth (see recipe of the first day). Plate of steamed vegetables seasoned with a little oil and salt (chard, spinach, cabbage, kale, carrot, green beans, pumpkin, zucchini).
Mid afternoon
Natural juice.
A large bowl of vegetable broth and a lettuce lettuce and beetroot. An infusion.
Day 3 – Legumes, rich in fiber, minerals and a good source of protein
A cup of green tea and a bowl with citrus fruits.
Infusion to taste without sugar.
Lamb lettuce, carrot and beet salad. A bowl of legumes stewed with vegetables (options; red or white beans, peas, chickpeas, lima beans, lentils).
Mid afternoon
Orange juice or skimmed bifidus yogurt.
A bowl of vegetable broth and another of stewed legumes to choose from.
Day 4 – Nuts, to the above we add nuts, an extraordinary source of nutrients
Mixed fruit salad bowl and tea with a drizzle of honey.
An apple or pear, 3 walnuts and an infusion of your choice without sugar.
Bowl of pureed vegetables (chard, spinach, green beans, pumpkin). Bowl of berries.
Mid afternoon
A natural fruit juice + 6 almonds.
A bowl of vegetable broth + salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, beet, a tablespoon of black beans and 2 chopped walnuts.
Day 5 – Fish and Eggs, the best source of protein with very few calories
Bowl of berries or citrus. A tea with a drizzle of honey.
A pear or apple and 6 hazelnuts.
A bowl of vegetable broth, mixed salad with boiled egg and tuna. Grilled sea bass or sea bream.
Mid afternoon
An infusion to taste and 3 walnuts.
French omelette with one yolk and two whites and steamed sole.


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