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Depuralin Does it work?

by Georgia Ede
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What is it and what is it for?

Depuralina is a nutritional supplement that contains a combination of natural elements that help regulate intestinal transit and purify, drain and clean the residues that are stored in the body. It also improves fluid retention and reduces the sensation of abdominal bloating caused by poor digestion or gas .

This product, which was investigated by health a few years ago, is put on sale again in stores specialized in nutrition and dietetics, as well as in herbalists and parapharmacies after confirming the studies that it is a safe product and that it provides health benefits.

Depuralina  is a product based on natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, oat bran, Canadian linseed, Cactus Nopal, probiotics , Psyillium Husk, as well as depurative plants and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; and fruits such as orange, lemon, apple, grapefruit, and pineapple.

It is not a slimming product, nor a drug, it is a nutritional supplement that provides us with top quality ingredients to complement our diet and that help the body to cleanse itself.

Main benefits of using Depuralina

As you can see below, Depuralina basically contains natural elements with a high fiber content. Its main ingredients make it a product that helps us cleanse the body, but it is not a slimming or fat burner as such, below we explain the main properties of its ingredients.

Plantago husk or Psyllium Huck :  It is a soluble fiber, that is, it dissolves in water, which contributes to the proper development of intestinal activity. It also helps to correctly eliminate different substances that are trapped in our digestive system and that produce toxins in the body, such as caffeine, alcohol or medications.

Flax from Canada : Due to its high content of omega 3, 6 and 9, it helps reduce cholesterol levels and reduces appetite, which is why it is attributed slimming properties, not only for controlling appetite but because it has an agent that acts as fat burn.

Oat bran : It is another fiber, so it regulates intestinal transit and efficiently eliminates the food waste that is generated in our body as a result of digestion and that sometimes, because it is not eliminated correctly, causes us abdominal pain, gas or bloating, as well as constipation .

Aloe Vera : Also known as aloe, it is the natural cleansing plant par excellence, as you know it has multiple properties and benefits, in fact it has very different uses. It acts on the large intestine as a detoxifier, it is beneficial for the liver and for the skin.

If you want more information about all its benefits, be sure to read the post about  Aloe Vera, all its properties .

Cactus Nopal : The fiber extract of this plant contains diuretic characteristics that help metabolize sugars, is energizing and helps maintain an optimal state of health. If you want more information about this extract, you can find out here about all its benefits, Cactus Nopal for weight loss .

Artichoke extract : It favors the purification of the liver and cellular oxygenation, the organ responsible for filtering all toxins that enter the body. It may interest you, the artichoke to lose weight .

Dandelion:  It is a draining, detoxifying and diuretic that helps us cleanse the body of toxins. It favors the correct circulation of the kidneys, improves circulation allowing a   correct and rapid elimination of liquids and also  purifies the blood.

It also has natural fruit extracts that offer us vitamins and all their nutritional properties.

Does Depuralina help you lose weight?

Well, in addition to serving as a diuretic and detoxifier, Depuralina is used in combination with a balanced diet to lose weight, since its cleansing properties make weight loss more effective.

Its natural ingredients , consumed in the right dose, are safe for the body and produce multiple benefits related to gastrointestinal health, they also control appetite and have fat burning properties, an ideal combination that together with diet and exercise ensure a loss of faster and more effective weight .

It is a safe product that has passed the necessary health controls and that we can consume without problems, always consulting the medical staff or specialized nutritionist if we have previous illnesses.

How to take Depuralina and in what dose?

A dose between 3 and 6 capsules daily is recommended, not exceeding it since it can cause serious side effects. It is important that we drink water, at least two liters a day to guarantee its correct elimination through the urine and to enhance the cleansing effects.

In addition, Depuralina has a line of products that adapt to your needs, such as Depuralina Rapid , Depuralina Fat , Depuralina Cellulite , Rebel Cellulite , etc.

Contraindications of Depuralina

Like any product, whether natural or not, it can produce side effects , including gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, or stomach problems due to not tolerating high amounts of fiber or generally if the dose is very high. It should be noted that we must not exceed the recommended doses, since this can cause serious problems.

From TakeDiets.com we always recommend that if you want to lose weight you carry out a balanced diet , adjusting the caloric intake to the energy expenditure practicing some exercise and that if you decide to combine it with a nutritional supplement, you have the necessary information to decide if it is worth it use it; always putting it in the knowledge of your doctor to avoid health problems arising from its consumption.

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