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CLA, an ideal dietary supplement to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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What is CLA and what is it used for?

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is an essential fatty acid of the omega 6 family that is found naturally mainly in dairy products and, to a lesser extent, in beef and fatty meats , in milk and its derivatives.

There are indications that indicate that it stimulates the breakdown of fats by acting on fat and muscle cells, although currently the mechanisms of the functioning of this nutritional supplement that has become fashionable in recent years have not been revealed, among those people who want to lose weight and take care of your body.

Cla began to be sold as a supplement to prevent catabolism (loss of muscle mass), burn more fat, increase bone density, gain muscle and prevent cancer . But the studies did not corroborate all its uses, so it began to be consumed mainly to lose weight.

The daily consumption of Cla in Western people is 1 gram in a normal diet, although it is recommended 3.5 g for adults of about 80 kg, so the best way to obtain that remaining amount may be through of a supplement that guarantees that dose and helps us complete the diet.

It has been given different properties that we will talk about below, but what we must know and always emphasize is that the basis for losing weight must always be a good diet and hydration combined with moderate physical exercise on a regular basis to ensure a correct balance between the calories we eat and those our body needs to develop.

Cla, a weight loss supplement?

The supplements for fat burning are usually stimulants or thermogenic . That is, they either make you sweat, or they activate you, which means they take away your sleep, or both. So when a few years ago conjugated linoleic acid appeared as an alternative without these side effects , everyone went crazy and began to consume it in an exaggerated way.

It blocks the action of lipoprotein lipase , which is the enzyme that takes fat from the bloodstream and stores it in the cells of adipose tissue, which would mean that by not taking this metabolic action, the body detects that it does not need that fat, and gets rid of it.

The main advantage of Cla is that good results are obtained in toning the body , since weight is not reduced at the cost of losing water or muscle mass, but only fat, so we can say that it is an effective weight loss and safe.

Another of its benefits is that it produces the effects on its own, without the need to exercise or follow diets, which can be attractive for those who want to lose weight without exercising .

For our part, as we always advise, exercise is the main engine along with diet for effective weight loss and supplements can help us, but they will not do a miracle.

Studies showing the effects of Cla to lose weight

One study evaluated the effect of CLA on fat reduction in 60 obese men and women. The data offered by this study after 12 weeks, concluded that the group that consumed 3.4 g of CLA per day through a supplement presented a significant reduction in body fat compared to the placebo group, whose results were less significant.

Although, without a doubt, the most significant would be the trial conducted by scientists from the Scandinavian Clinical Research Group published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , a trial with 180 participants; both men and women, who spent a year trying to demonstrate the effects of Cla to lose weight.

The trial was carried out by dividing the group into two parts, of which some would take the conjugated linoleic acid supplement and others a placebo. Without modifying eating behaviors or dieting, or exercise; the study showed the following data:

After one year, it was found that the Cla group lost between 7% and 9% of their body fat. However, the placebo group still had the same weight.

The most curious fact is the one that we have mentioned previously, that none of the subjects altered their eating habits or their lifestyle during the study, which would affirm the effects of said supplement, thus suggesting that these effects are independent of the diet that is carried out. .

There are other studies that claim that it is a  powerful fat burner ( See here other powerful fat burners ) since laboratory studies were carried out with mice and it was observed that Cla reduced the adipose tissue of rodents between 43% and 88%. And although they are encouraging data, they are not as significant as those previously described.

Cla benefits

CLA strengthens the immune system , is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and also reduces cholesterol levels , as confirmed by different studies carried out on this conjugated linoleic acid.

  • Cla, a powerful anticancer

Several scientific studies have identified CLA as an anticancer agent that reduces the incidence of tumors and inhibits cancer cells, as well as not only preventing cancer, but also attacking malignant cells present in the body.

Cla has been shown to be beneficial in treating colon, lung, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer, although it should always be treated with the medication that your doctor advises, never abandoning the treatments offered or replacing them with supplements, since they can be of great help in combination but they are not the solution to the disease.

  • Benefits in the treatment of diabetes

CLA activates a set of nuclear receptors called PPARs (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors).

Cla binds to them to change them into an active form which, in turn, interacts with DNA and regulates gene expression. This process increases the number of fatty acid-producing enzymes and increases insulin sensitivity, as shown in one study.

We must bear in mind that a better circulation of insulin results in a lower amount of sugar in the blood.

Conclusions and recommendations for the use of Cla

In conclusion, we comment that these supplements can help us achieve our goals, and weight loss can be somewhat faster, but we must be aware that neither Chinese diet pills nor nutritional supplements will do the work that we should do. combining a balanced diet with moderate exercise on a regular basis to lose weight in a healthy way .

Here is an article on whether diet pills work or not?  and also about sibutramine , another weight loss medication, but is it worth it? We already anticipate that generally not, in any case, there are no better reasons than to be correctly informed of what can help us.

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