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Chia seeds, the fashionable superfood

by Georgia Ede
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Who has not heard of chia? It seems that these seeds have become the fashionable food, and it is that there is no lack of reasons for it since their nutritional properties are not wasted for all their health benefits.

If we look at almost all the celebrities they start their day with a contribution of chia seeds in their breakfast, a routine that provides us with all the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. It has been considered a superfood because it provides all the necessary nutrients.

What is chia and what is it used for?

Chia seeds come from a herbaceous plant that grows naturally in most of the American continent, called Salvia hispánica. The seeds of this plant, used since time immemorial by the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas; They have spread like wildfire, and it is consumed by a large part of the population given its benefits.

They are black and white seeds, soluble that are capable of increasing their size when mixed with water, thus getting satiated.

The black seeds have more fiber than the white ones , while the latter provide us with a greater amount of protein .

The plant grows wild, so its resistance is wide and does not require pest care, so they are generally ecological.

Chia benefits for our health

The benefits are multiple, which is why its consumption has spread and we can find it almost anywhere, smoothies, yogurts, salads or sauces. It is important that you hydrate for at least 20 minutes, since by doing so we will correctly assume the fiber and nutrients.

Chia is a low-carbohydrate food since it provides us with 12 grams but 11 of them are fiber, a serving (30 gr) provides us with only 9 grams of fat, despite being a food that charges us with energy due to its concentration Nutritional does not suppose an excessive contribution of carbohydrates or fats, it contributes us around 150 calories.

What does chia give us?

Chia provides us with quality nutrients as well as stands out for its high content of soluble fiber , vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc and vitamins of group B, such as thiamine, rivoflabin or niacin (B1, B2 and B3 respectively).

It is rich in Omega 3 and other essential acids. The calcium contained in chia helps us protect our bone health.

Nutritional Composition of Chia

Nutritional compositionNutritional values
Energy per 100gr480 kcal
Fats31 gr
Of which saturated3,3 gr
. of which monounsaturated2,3 gr
. of which polyunsaturated24 gr
Carbohydrates40 gr
Protein15 gr
Dietary fiber34 gr
Vitamin A54 IU
C vitamin1,6 mg
Football631 mg
Magensio335 mg
Potassium160 mg
Sodium19 mg
Iron7 mg

The fiber and essential fatty acids of chia

Its high fiber content improves our digestive health, making digestions faster and less expensive so that toxins do not accumulate for a long time, since when digestions are delayed and constipation occurs , toxins accumulate in the body producing gases, flatulence, and other digestive tract problems such as ulcers or abdominal pain.

A serving of 30 grams of chia gives us 12 grams of fiber, that is, about a third of the recommended daily amount, for this, it would be enough to add two tablespoons of chia to breakfast to be able to benefit from its properties.

Due to its content in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, it protects us from brain cell aging, which contributes to correct brain health. In 30 grams of chia we find almost 5 grams of essential acids that provide us with multiple health benefits.

Chia takes care of your bones

As we have indicated previously, the calcium contained in 30 grams of chia represents around 20% of the daily amount necessary to protect bone and dental health , so it helps protect against osteoporosis, and its manganese content increases its effects. In this regard, it also helps to synthesize growth hormones and tissue repair.

Chia for vegans and vegetarians

A serving of 30 grams of chia provides us with about 5 grams of protein, which is a good alternative to supplement proteins in the case of vegan or vegetarian diets ; therefore it is considered a superfood.

Although we must bear in mind that it should not replace proteins of vegetable or animal origin since to consume the same amount of protein we would need to eat a lot of chia, which would be harmful because its high fiber content would be excessive and could cause us problems and irritations in the digestive tract.

Chia for diabetics

Studies are being carried out to corroborate what is believed so far, that chia is an ally food for diabetics due to its nutritional profile, since it combats insulin resistance and stabilizes blood glucose without generating insulin peaks; which can help us control our appetite and as a result can make it easier for us to lose weight.

Chia for cholesterol and cardiovascular health

It also regulates cholesterol and blood pressure, if you have low it is not recommended to consume in high amounts because it can lower it excessively.

It is able to lower triglycerides, raise good HDL cholesterol, reduce inflammation.

Chia improves mood

Its tryptophan content helps us improve mood , sleep-related problems and regulates appetite, which is why this essential amino acid is an ally when we carry out weight-loss diets, as it helps us to carry it in a better way.

How can chia help you lose weight?

Chia seeds, when hydrated, absorb water by increasing their size, their high concentration of soluble fiber, such as glucomannan , helps us to be satisfied , so it controls our appetite.

As it does not require insulin to be assimilated, chia maintains stable glucose levels without generating glucose peaks, controlling hunger.

It also improves digestion, making them faster and easier for the body.

How to consume chia?

You can consume it in different ways, since it is very versatile. It would be enough to add it at breakfast mixed with cereals, with yogurt, or in sauces, in salads or soups, even in breads or baked products, etc.

As it does not have a specific flavor, that is, it is neither sweet nor salty, it combines perfectly with a multitude of foods. The best option is to include it at breakfast because it fills us with energy to carry out daily activity.

What should we take into account to buy chia?

Its current consumption by a large part of the population has made it possible to find chia in almost any supermarket, but we must bear in mind that the nutritional quality of chia is variable according to its type of cultivation and its handling.

Therefore, we must take into account its quality and choose organic chia from bio-responsible crops that do not alter their properties.

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