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Cherries are fattening, myth or reality?

by Georgia Ede
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Cherries, rich, tasty and healthy

Delicious, beautiful, refreshing, and even addictive … cherries are one of the most beautiful fruits that exist, they really have a bad reputation for being used in baking but … is it true that they get as fat as they say? Then we are going to discover it in this post that we bring you with all the benefits of this fruit, keep reading because the information that we are going to provide you about this delicious fruit will surprise you.

When we carry out a weight loss diet, in many cases we eliminate certain fruits from our menu because we think they are fattening, it is true that fruit provides us with sugars , but they are healthy sugars that our body also needs to carry out the necessary functions of the organism. .

This is the case of the banana that is demonized in this sense, although it gives us many interesting properties to lose weight and we waste them due to the bad reputation attributed to it. It is true that the banana provides us with calories, but calories full of nutrients and many interesting properties to lose weight, such as its satiating effect . ( You can learn more about it in the following link, the banana diet to lose weight ).

In the case of cherries, the same thing happens, they have earned a bad reputation for their use in confectionery but we must not forget that in confectionery basically unnatural candied cherries are united. In that case, they do interest us, but natural ones give us many properties and are low in calories .

Read on to discover everything that cherries have to offer you, this delicious fruit that can help you lose weight.

What do cherries bring us?

Cherries provide us with a multitude of interesting nutrients for our body, cherries are a source of beta – carotene (vitamin A), in fact they provide us with a higher quantity than strawberries or blueberries, known for this property.

They are a source of antioxidants since they have anthocyanins, a very important antioxidant that helps us prevent premature cell aging, as well as the prevention of heart disease and cancer. It is one of the fruits with the highest concentration of flavonoids .

Regarding the nutritional properties, it should be noted that they provide us with 50 calories per 100 grams , which means that they are a fruit with a medium-low caloric intake , which we can consume on a regular basis even if we carry out a weight loss diet.

That is to say, cherries are not as fat as they say, for example 100 grams of banana gives us 40 more calories, the problem is given by the amount of fruit we usually consume, and sometimes cherries can be addictive and we eat large amounts; While the banana being more satiating , due to the fact of being sweeter, we eat one and it is enough for us. Therefore, what we must control are the fruit rations to adjust them according to their caloric intake.

Continuing with the nutrients that cherries provide us, it should be noted that they are high in fiber , which interests us whether we carry out a weight loss diet or to improve our gastrointestinal health.

They provide us with vitamin C , E , potassium , magnesium , folic acid and iron mainly.

One of the components of cherries is melatonin , an antioxidant that regulates the heart rate and also helps us fall asleep and regulate our cycles.

The benefits of cherries

They are known as the fruit that helps the most to maintain brain health   and memory at full capacity due to its antioxidant and circulation-regulating properties; therefore they are indicated for Alzheimer’s patients.

It also reduces the risk of diabetes , since it is not a fruit that provides us with a large amount of simple sugars. If you are diabetic, it is one of the fruits recommended for a snack because it does not drastically raise blood sugar levels, if you want to know how to eat healthy being diabetic click here to see the diabetic diet with which you can achieve your ideal weight .

Their high antoniacin content makes them very beneficial for pro-inflammatory diseases such as gout, due to high uric acid, which you can learn more about in the following link about hyperuricemia . Its consumption is also recommended to reduce inflammation , in diseases such as arthritis.

Can I eat cherries if I am on a diet?

As we have said previously, cherries are one of the fruits with a medium-low caloric intake, so they are beneficial for our health and also provide us with quality nutrients .

As we always emphasize from TakeDiets.com, the consumption of fruit is generally recommended since we generally consume few fruits and vegetables. Of course, always controlling the amounts, especially of those fruits that provide us with a lot of calories or those rich in fats, such as avocado ; that despite being very healthy gives us fats that even if they are healthy we must control.

When it comes to losing weight, you are also interested in knowing the glycemic index of foods, so here we offer you a list of the main foods and their GI so that you can choose in your menus those with a lower index that help you lose weight.

If you want more information about the calories in fruits, you can find out in this post where you will find a list of fruits and their caloric intake. You can also see the different types of vegetables that exist  here .

Curiosities about cherries … the toxicity of their bones

Yes, yes, although you do not believe it, cherries have a toxic component inside their bones, the bone where the cherry seed is housed has cyanogenetic glycoside compounds that when ingested are transformed into cyanide in our body.

But do not be scared if you swallow any of them, since nature is so wise that it has perfectly designed the cherry pit since the pit perfectly protects the seed and prevents the content of the seed from being released into the body, discarding it. thus without any danger to health, keeping the seed inside intact.

You will not go to bed without knowing one more thing! We hope that all the information we have offered you about cherries will be of great help.

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