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Camilina to lose weight Does it work?

by Georgia Ede
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Camilina to lose weight Does it work?

We are here with another new product to lose weight , as we have already written about other types of products that have been released for this purpose, we are going to analyze camilina in depth, what it is exactly, what it is used for and if it is true that helps us lose weight.

We find a large number of weight loss products on the market that we have already talked about in previous posts like this one . We must not take anything in order to lose weight, we must inform ourselves in advance in detail of everything we take to avoid further damage to health.

We should not trust everything that claims to be natural, since even if it is natural it can have its adverse effects. Without further delay we are going to analyze what camilina is specifically and we will see what its properties are and if it is true that it helps us lose weight safely.

What is camilina and what is it used for?

Let’s see, the camilina whose scientific name is camellia chinensis is a plant of Asian origin, whose main use is in weight control diets due to its diuretic effect . It is also an antioxidant , it is a restorative for bones and tendons due to its potassium content. It is also used for the elimination of retained bile in the gallbladder and for kidney stones and to reduce the effects of gout (uric acid) , etc.

Well, said like that it will not sound to you but really the camilina is none other than the tea plant . If you have not yet heard about the benefits of tea to lose weight, here you can find out in detail.

As you well know, tea has different degrees of oxidation and its composition varies according to the age of the plant, hence the different varieties of tea : green, black, pu-erh, white, oolong, roibos, etc.

It has around 4% caffeine and has been used since ancient times for different pathologies such as: abscesses, bladder problems, fatigue, fluid retention, urinary tract problems, prevention of malabsorption of iron and proteins. Nutritionally it is not very interesting due to its high concentration of tannins.

How does camillin act on health?

It is used for the treatment of arteriosclerosis , for cholesterol control, irritable bowel syndrome , diabetes, hepatitis, for weight control, also for neurodegenerative diseases, diarrhea, bronchitis problems, asthma, diarrhea, etc.

It should not be used in cases of gastritis, ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, nausea or vomiting .

In addition, due to its concentration of caffeine and theine, we can say that it should not be used by those who suffer from nervous problems , since it can give tachycardia or generate insomnia problems , restlessness.

How does camilina help us to lose weight?

The Camillina acts as a draining natural so that weight loss is one of the few benefits as well as its power desintoxicante makes us a lighter digestions.

Regarding fat loss, there is controversy, since some studies affirm that tea has fat-burning properties produced by the acceleration of metabolism.

Although this statement is relative since it is not that it is a fat burner but rather that the metabolism is accelerated and with this we get more fat to be burned. But is that interesting? Well, it is not an effective weight loss since more fluid weight is lost than fat, which is what we are interested in when losing weight.

Camilina to lose weight?

The strategy of brands to sell camilina is to make it appear that it is more effective than it really is by attributing more properties to it than it has. They say that it is highly satiating , since it is if we consume it naturally, in the form of tea, because it fills us with water; but if we consume it in capsules, it totally loses that effect.

As if we take it in the form of tea, it is much more effective than in capsules for the loss of retained liquid . You can see here what to do to eliminate liquids .

Why is it more effective taking infusions? Well, very simple, by providing water, the diuresis of the body increases and we eliminate fluid retention both due to dehydration and other factors. If you want to know which are the best drains, click here .

What are the side effects?

Starting at the beginning, if we really do not have retained fluids and we take camilina to lose weight, the following can happen: in the first place we will lose weight, yes, the weight of liquids that our body really needs to carry out its natural body processes.

If this occurs we will fall into dehydration and the body will slow down causing fewer calories to be lost, in addition to causing various health problems.

We will notice a significant weight loss , but that weight will recover and even increase when the body hydrates, either because we drink enough, or because we urinate less since the body is retaining fluids to compensate for the lack of hydration.

On the other hand, when the body is dehydrated, the metabolism slows down and we will burn fewer calories so we will gain weight, we can also notice it, when it is advanced, with symptoms such as halitosis (bad breath). If you want to know how to keep your body hydrated you can see it here .

What is the sales strategy for this type of product?

First and very simple, as I have already mentioned before: to provide you with more properties than the product has. Whether you have them or not, this will convince us to acquire them since they use marketing criteria to create a need for you with aspects in which almost everyone identifies.

This type of product is sold in pharmacies, which incidentally provide the services of a nutritionist, a person who gives confidence and makes a product more reliable; But let’s not fool ourselves, because that person works for those brands; so they are interested in selling them.

In addition, so that we fully trust the product they tell you: If you do the diet and do not take the pills, you will lose weight, of course, but more slowly. And what does everyone want? Lose weight quickly.

To lose more quickly, in addition to controlling the diet, it will be enough for us to increase the caloric expenditure . And how is that done? Doing more exercise . It is the healthy and natural way to increase caloric expenditure, although there are other ways to help us, such as fat burners , which you can find out about here .

Taking stock of these strategies we can say that the fact that a professional prescribes it gives us greater confidence and effectiveness to the product (although it is not always true) and on the other hand that if we control our diet and exercise more we will lose weight, it gives just as we take these capsules or not because we will lose weight in the same way.

It is as if they tell us that if we put on a red hat we will lose weight, and not because of the hat but because of food control, increased energy expenditure and ultimately the correct balance of caloric consumption and expenditure.

Another similar example, prescribed by nutritionists is the case of furosemide , which you can find out about in the link. We must be attentive to everything we take to lose weight, since there are many alternatives to drugs such as ginger water to lose weight, and foods that help us burn fat.

Without a doubt, to lose weight there are no miracles and losing weight involves an effort, you can see more diets to lose weight here .

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