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How to calculate your body fat percentage!

by Georgia Ede
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Learn now to calculate your body fat percentage

It is important to know the body composition and not just the weight of a person to be able to assess, among others, their state of health . Today, people only rely on total body weight but it is also necessary to distinguish the quality of the weight and what parts of it . The human body is made up of two great masses;  (1) – Lean mass (bones, muscles, entrails, water, organs, blood). (2) – Fat mass (adipose cells).

Therefore and for you to understand it in a simple way; two people may weigh the same, but their amount of fat or adipose tissue may be different .

At present there are and are commercialized scales to measure the weight that incorporate electrodes located at the base of the platform (where the feet are attached), and through these electrodes the scale sends a low intensity electric current that passes through the body mass .

This electric current reacts in a way or another by the masses spanning as, lean mass opposes little resistance , while fat mass opposes one greater resistance . It should be noted that this resistance that is produced in the body is called bioelectric impedance and that it varies depending on the sex, age and height of the person .

These scales, have become fashionable, are usually owned by dietitians or people in charge of controlling people’s overweight and physical condition, among the data that most of them usually give are:

  • 1- Percentage of body fat
  • 2- Percentage of water
  • 3- Portentaje of muscle mass
  • 4- Metabolismo basal

These scales are not very expensive, they cost around 30-60 euros / dollars and are available to anyone who wants to buy one of them for use at home.

Below we show you a photo of this type of scale to give you an idea, they are simple, nothing special, but as an advantage they offer a little more information than a conventional scale.

On the other hand, for those people who cannot economically cope with this type of device …, we also offer a solution and that is that there is a homemade and simple way to estimate the percentage of body fat with just a tape measure. Well then, stay tuned!

Next we will explain how to calculate in a very simple way the BAI (Body Adiposity Index), for its acronym in English: « Body Adiposity Index «. This index allows estimating body fat using hip circumference (cm) and height (meters) .

This index has been studied on numerous occasions and has shown a good correlation with the results obtained when measuring body fat with densiometry .

The formula for calculating this index is simple and can be calculated at home with the help of a calculator in a matter of seconds:

– Example :

  • Hip circumference: 90 cm
  • Height: 1.68 meters
  • Square root of 1.68 = 1.3


– Total Result: (90 / 1.68 x 1.3) – 18 =   23.21%

Then you can check your result in the following reference table:

Next, we offer you an image (click to enlarge it) in which you can observe the method to calculate the percentage of body fat and so that you can see how excess fat affects us in our body and its consequences.


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