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Nopal cactus, all its benefits

by Georgia Ede
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The Nopal Cactus, everything you need to know

The Nopal comes from the cactus family that inhabits all of America and grows wild. It is a type of plant that is not demanding at all to grow and maintain since it can be planted in any type of soil, it does not need excess water and to plant it you will only need a good piece of one of its shovels, it is very simple its cultivation and spreads rapidly.

This plant known as Nopal or prickly pear , produces fruits called prickly pear figs, which are delicious, but in addition, its use throughout the American continent as a remedy for different ailments has led the Nopal to be studied to verify its properties .

After numerous studies, it has been shown that the nopal has many benefits on our health and that it is also very versatile in its properties. Therefore, we want to explain all its uses and benefits because it will surprise you.

Generally, people consumed the fruits that this plant produced, but today it has been discovered that its “body” is almost more powerful than the fruit it produces. It has infinite properties, from helping you lose weight , to being used as a natural antibiotic or as a cholesterol controller or natural diuretic .

Do not miss all the information we have about this plant, which will become one of your allies to maintain iron health.

What does the Nopal provide us?

This plant is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, fiber, vitamins of groups A, B, C and K, mainly chlorophyll, riboflavin and proteins.

Studies carried out with this plant determine that it contributes to the correct functioning of the nervous system , as well as helps to strengthen the immune system , protecting us from possible infections, it also improves the circulatory system; controlling cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases .

It also improves digestive transit and strengthens the immune barrier found in our digestive system and helps the proper functioning of the respiratory and glandular systems, among others.

Nopal Juice How can I consume and prepare it?

The Nopal can be consumed in multiple ways, such as in sauces, juices, cooked, in stews, in salads, soups, combined with yogurt, in smoothies, jams, etc.

The easiest way to consume it is in juices or smoothies , although lightly cooked in salad it offers a different touch to our salads and soups .

Making the nopal juice is very simple, it will be enough to crush the ingredients in the blender and strain it. Here we give you 3 different combinations with different uses. You can also combine it with the fruits that you like the most.

Nopal juice recipes

The Nopal juice to lose weight , we will make it with 2 nopal leaves, (clean of skewers) two slices of pineapple, two pieces of celery and a little parsley. We will liquefy everything with a little water and a few drops of lemon or lime. This juice serves as a drainer for the body and will help us eliminate toxins from our body and accelerate metabolism .

On the other hand, the Nopal smoothie with apple and papaya is used to cleanse the colon. We will use two clean nopal leaves, an apple and a quarter of papaya, we can add a little cinnamon. We will liquefy everything and strain it.

Nopal smoothie with lime and cucumber, for skin problems , we will liquefy a cucumber a nopal leaf and squeeze two limes, we can also add a tablespoon of flaked oats and water or oat milk. This will contribute to the detoxification of our skin and its correct hydration .

  • If you consume it in a salad or soup, you should know that the Nopal needs to be cooked a little, like a thistle, generally.

Properties of Nopal Cactus for health

  • Antibiotic : inhibits the growth and development of various bacteria. Traditionally they used the Nopal as a poultice on wounds to prevent infections and accelerate healing .
  • Helps to control cholesterol : thanks to its concentration in amino acids, vitamin B3 and its high fiber content, avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

If you want more information on how to lower your cholesterol, we leave you a diet to lower high cholesterol .

If you have hypertriglyceridemia, we leave you here all the information to keep your triglycerides under control .

  • Helps in the treatment of diabetes : The nopal in turn prevents excess sugar in the blood, making it effective in diabetic patients.

If this is your case, we leave you below the best diet to lose weight being diabetic . Not to be missed.

  • Treatment of arteriosclerosis : this disease of cardiovascular origin caused by plaque in the blood vessel can be treated with this plant, since it is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with incredible properties for these conditions. For this, it is advisable to regularly consume nopal juice, or powdered capsules, this will contribute to the slowing down of the symptoms of the disease.

Several studies affirm that it prevents the proliferation of different types of cancers, although research on this subject continues. Generally, it is the colon cancer in which the properties of the cactus are most involved since its fibers contribute to the dissolution of the concentration of the potentially cancerous malignant cells that cause colon cancer, that is why by improving the digestion of food we can be less likely to suffer from these types of diseases.

In addition, the Nopal helps by preventing the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, so it helps to control blood glucose levels preventing obesity , helping the fibers it contains to absorb glucose into the intestine and it remains in good condition and without toxins.

  • Regulates diabetes : as we have mentioned previously, the blood sugar level of those who suffer from this disease remains stable thanks to the concentration of different types of amino acids present in Nopal. Strengthens the liver and pancreas and increases insulin sensitivity, stimulating the movement of glucose to the different cells of the body. It also decreases the absorption of carbohydrates, reducing the production of insulin.
  • Improves digestion : due to the concentration of vitamins of group B (1, 2 and 3) and C, in addition to its high content of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and iron.
  • It also acts as an antioxidant , if you are interested in protecting your body against premature cellular aging, we recommend the antioxidant diet , rich in foods with these properties. Here you will find all the information, do not miss it.
  • It contributes to the improvement of the symptoms of constipation due to its high fiber content that helps the digestion of food and a correct elimination of toxins.
  • It increases energy levels and reduces the signs of fatigue, thus contributing to a good mood, which will improve your vitality and your state of health. It also prevents damage to the structures of the nervous system, helps relaxation and control levels of stress and anxiety . It is recommended for people who tend to be depressed or anxious.
  • Strengthens the immune system : this is because the nopal offers many vitamins, especially complexes A, B and C as we have indicated above. It also provides minerals and many amino acids that help eliminate toxins, detoxify the liver , and also helps the body to defend itself from any attack by viruses or bacteria due to its bactericidal power.

Cactus Nopal to lose weight?

The different properties of the Nopal cactus make this plant a true ally for weight loss . Although it is true, the high amounts of fiber that it has facilitate rapid digestion and the absorption of interesting nutrients for our body. In addition, it allows a correct evacuation of feces, preventing toxins from accumulating, preventing the retention of liquids to drain them and making the body work correctly avoiding problems derived from heavy digestion such as gas or abdominal bloating .

In addition to being a powerful detoxifier and diuretic, it helps reduce cellulite and fluid retention, so in combination with a good diet, we can get rid of unsightly orange peel skin .

In addition, due to its high fiber content, it is highly satiating , which contributes to proper appetite control and improves anxious states and controls the urge to eat compulsively .

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