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Andean Maca, one of the best superfoods for sexual health

by Georgia Ede
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Also known as maca root , it is one of the superfoods with the most benefits, especially for women, it comes from a herbaceous plant whose root is similar in shape and size to a radish, although somewhat larger; it is considered a tuber.

It is cultivated in the Peruvian Andes and in Bolivia at an altitude of 2,700 to 4,000 meters above sea level, and although it has been consumed by indigenous people for many years in the western world, it is beginning to become known and spread due to its multiple properties.

There are four types of maca root according to their color, we can find yellow (raw), light pink, purple or black maca ; although their properties are basically the same.

According to its color it is more appropriate for certain circumstances, the rose is the most indicated for the woman , as well as the purple or violet; while the black is the most recommended for men .

The most common is yellow, and it is the one that we usually find in the form of tablets or powders.

Its scientific name is Lapidium peruvianum chacon , since it grows in Peru and Bolivia as we have previously indicated.

Since time immemorial , maca root has been used as an aphrodisiac agent and to heal numerous diseases.

Its use has become popular in recent years as one of the most recommended superfoods for female health, thus motivating numerous studies on the effectiveness of its properties.

What does Andean Maca bring us?

Maca provides us with vitamins of group B , Vitamin C , and E mainly, although they are not the only ones. It is considered a superfood due to its high vitamin and nutritional concentration, as well as its amino acid and antioxidant content.

Terpenoids, saponins, macaenes and macamids.

Contains 16% protein, 8% fiber.

Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and D. It is rich in minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and calcium.

It also provides us with essential amino acids and fatty acids .

Nutritional compositionNutritional values
Energy per 100gr160 kcal
Fats0,9 gr
Carbohydrates70 gr
Protein10 gr
Dietary fiber4 gr
MineralsIron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Sodium, Potassium, Iodine, Magnesium
VitaminsA, B1, B2, B3, C y D

Maca improves male sexual health

Increases libido, endurance and strength, improves physical performance and a feeling of general well-being.

It improves male fertility , in addition to improving sexual desire and increasing stamina.

According to various studies by the University of Lima, it was found that the consumption of Andean Maca increases seminal volume (the amount of sperm per ejaculation) and sperm motility (activity level), thus improving the health of patients with erectile dysfunction .

It is common to find combinations with Korean red ginseng for men.

Maca, to stimulate sexual desire

Improves sexual desire in women, since it can be related to lack of energy, weak moods or weakness, thus increasing libido but not directly acting on it.

It stimulates the endocrine function improving all those pathologies in which the hormones or glands that make them intervene, mainly sex hormones.

Maca and women’s sexual health

According to studies published in the International Journal of Biomedical Science, maca used as an alternative hormonal therapy in women with menopause has been able to reduce hot flashes and guarantee a hormonal balance by reducing palpitations, insomnia problems, nervousness or excessive night sweats; very common symptoms in menopausal women.

It has been proven that it relieves premenstrual , menstrual and menopausal symptoms by reducing abdominal pain and hot flashes and even vaginal dryness.

For its part, in men it is used as an invigorating agent that improves sexual function and increases fertility .

Unlike other elements such as soy, maca does not contain phytoestrogens which is more interesting for us to reduce hot flashes , increase energy and vitality levels and thus improve mood without suffering the side effects that the consumption of soy isoflavones that increase the predisposition to breast cancer if consumed regularly.

It is common to find it in combination with rhodiola to increase the effects in women.

Maca, an energizer to improve sports performance

It is used as a nutritional supplement by athletes since it increases performance , strength and endurance during training.

It is an adaptogenic food , it helps our body to adapt to stressful situations, it increases the body’s defense capacity; This ability comes from its ability to grow and adapt to the environment, overcoming the weather conditions that occur in the Andean mountain range.

It contains agents that improve physical resistance helping the metabolism to adapt to the most extreme conditions, or stress situations, generating more energy in periods of greater demand.

Regulates hormonal and endocrine function , the glands that produce hormones necessary for essential body and metabolic functions.

For this reason, it has been believed that it intervenes in both female and male fertility, sexual function , digestion, the functions of the nervous system and energy levels .

By regulating all these hormones, we can say that it influences mood, sexual development, and even growth.

It improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, maintaining general health in an optimal state in stressful situations.

Maca root as a pain reliever

It has analgesic properties due to the fact that it gives us terpenoids and saponins, glucoside agents of steroids that form sterols from which energy is also obtained, which is why it is energizing and invigorating as well as reducing pain due to its sedative action .

It is also used as an expectorant , so it can help with colds and flu.

Improves brain functions, thus improving memory and delaying cellular aging.

Its use to combat the effects of altitude sickness is very widespread in the Andean mountains as it increases energy levels and counteracts fatigue and general discomfort caused by altitude sickness, that is, it is an adaptogen.

How to take Andean Maca and in what dose?

If we can consume it naturally, there are different ways to consume it, well cooked, grated, pureed. We can also take powdered dried maca root although the most common way to find it is in powder, or maca flour.

We must always heed the manufacturer’s recommendations on the dose, but it is advisable to take between one and three tablespoons of maca powder daily to be able to benefit from its properties.

A tablespoon contains approximately 3 grams, so we would set this amount as an initial dose to check our tolerance, being able to increase it up to 9 grams per day ; distributed throughout the day in the main meals.

You can take it with meals or mix it in juices, broths, yogurts or soups.

Side effects of Andean maca

Side effects derived from its excessive consumption or overdose that we must take into account:

Heart rhythm disturbances, sleep disturbances due to its alkaloid content (mainly if taken at night), stomach discomfort or even less consistent stools or diarrhea.

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