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Soft diet, what foods can you eat?

by Georgia Ede
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The soft diet; what is it for and what foods to eat

The soft diet has not been created for the purpose of losing weight. This diet is based on a healthy diet , light foods that are  easy to digest .

It is a diet widely used after suffering from diseases of the digestive tract such as gastroenteritis, gastritis, diarrhea, heartburn, gastric upset.

It is also highly recommended after surgical interventions and as a transit in hospitalizations after having been fed with liquid diets or serums. When doctors advise us to follow a bland diet, we generally do not know what we can and cannot eat. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the most convenient foods to carry out this diet, as well as those that you should avoid.

This diet is low in fat , since the food consumed is quite light and low in fat.

It is also low in fiber , since it is recommended to regulate intestinal transit after or during illnesses.

List of foods that make up a soft diet

Meats : mild meats with little fat such as turkey, chicken and pork are allowed the lean parts . Vegetable and chicken broths are also recommended.

Fish : only white fish such as hake, sole, sea bream and sea bass are allowed .

The fruit : apple, banana and pear are best advised, always without skin. We should not consume kiwi, plums, melon, cherries, strawberries, or wild fruits.

The cereals : all grains are allowed to be digested well we can eat pasta, rice, wheat,   and bread , preferably white. We should not consume whole grains.

Dairy : milk is allowed as well as yogurts , fresh and non-fermented or highly cured cheeses are also allowed.

Potatoes , carrots , sweet potato , cassava are recommended foods always baked or steamed.

– We must drink a lot of liquids , no carbonated or sweetened beverages and coffee or alcohol are not allowed.

Forbidden food

They are totally prohibited the fried , sauces , stir – fried , fatty meats , frozen and processed products, products that are high in fiber such as legumes and vegetables , nothing sweet or spicy that can irritate the stomach, etc.

As fried or battered, or sauces, or stews are not allowed, it is a very light diet with which we will generally lose weight .

We must hydrate well, in any case, so that stomach discomforts subside.

BRAT diet, very simple

The BRAT Diet is the simplest soft diet that exists, it is an acronym in English. Its abbreviations (BRAT), refer to Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast.

Just by remembering these 4 foods ( Banana, Rice, Apple and Bread ), very powerful nutritionally, we would be carrying out a soft diet to deal with gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea.

Well, they are very easy to digest foods, low in fiber and low in fat that will allow us to relieve gastrointestinal stress and reduce bloating.

Menu that makes up a Soft Diet

– To know how to eat a soft diet at this stage, we offer you an indicative menu :

Breakfast : Glass of milk accompanied by two toasts of white bread with some slices of cold turkey meat.

Mid-morning : A banana.

Food : A grilled chicken breast accompanied by white rice.

Snack : A yogurt.

Dinner : A French omelette and an apple.

The soft diet a solution for gastroenteritis

Normally when we suffer from gastroenteritis or discomfort of stomach or gastrointestinal origin, they recommend us to carry out a soft diet.

The soft diet is usually given to regulate the intestinal flora and that it can recover on its own from the damage caused by gastroenteritis or diarrhea. For this, we can also facilitate the path to our intestines if we offer probiotic products that will improve the health of our digestive system.

It is important that we always take care of the health of our digestive system, but even more so when it has suffered some damage such as a process of gastroenteritis or diarrhea . For this, in addition to a correct diet with soft products that do not alter the functioning of the body; correct hydration is vitally important .

We recommend that you read more extensive information about the astringent diet for gastroenteritis here

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