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How to Avoid Hunger Attacks? – Advice

by Georgia Ede
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How to avoid hunger strikes?

The hunger pangs do we eat in large quantities and in a disorderly manner, often happen when you ‘re taking a balanced and adequate diet, controlling intake of daily calories and suddenly , anxiety, stress and … attack hungry !!

Has it ever happened to you?  Well, when it has already happened and we have eaten everything that has seemed to us and we have let off steam, it is done, we can do nothing; But we can from now on take into account some tricks that are shown below that are the ones you have to follow to never get to this point again.

We will try to avoid them for two main reasons. First of all because of our health, this is not healthy , because generally, when we have a hunger attack, we tend to eat unhealthy foods because they are the ones we want the most, to satisfy ourselves and feel good. With this, our body will have to make an extra effort producing insulin to counteract the powerful rise in glucose to which we will have exposed it. These drastic changes in blood glucose levels will make us fat because when the body lowers glucose producing insulin spikes, our appetite increases .

Another reason why we must control hunger attacks is because what we actually eat during the hunger attack, we do not need it; we will contribute an excess of calories and it will make us gain weight . We eat out of emotional hunger, to feel good, but after doing so, the feeling of guilt appears . And we are faced with it, a conflict that is going to generate stress, or anxiety.

Tricks to avoid hunger attacks

Drink plenty of water : This can calm our desire to eat, therefore, drinking plenty of fluids can help us prevent the “hunger attack”, and what better way to do it than to hydrate our body. It is advisable to drink small amounts distributed throughout the day to keep us satiated. You can try lemon water to lose weight , which will help you stay satiated for a longer time.

Do not spend more than 3-4 hours without eating : By spacing out meals and spending a long time without eating, the hormones indicative of the feeling of hunger progressively rise making our desire to eat more intense, therefore, it is better to eat every 3- 4 hours to keep these hormones at bay. A snack between meals is very healthy, yes, make sure you eat healthy foods (yogurt, fruits, cereal bar, toast with fresh cheese …).

Eat slowly : Chew well, always eat seated and concentrate on what you eat, otherwise, you will not make a mental record of the food you eat and you may arrive at the next meal without having mentally assimilated what you have eaten.

Eat foods with a low glycemic index : This type of food is important and with this we will be able to feel full for longer, since blood glucose rises slowly, the body does not run out of energy quickly or release a large amount of insulin in a short time, with which there is no sudden drop in glucose that later tends to generate hunger.

Here we leave you more information about foods and their GI .

Exercise : The benefits of exercise and physical activity are innumerable. Sometimes post-exercise fatigue tends to curb the appetite, therefore, in this case we are interested in identifying if our appetite slows down a bit after exercise, be careful! I say identify because there are people who completely do the opposite, post-exercise fatigue generates more appetite, although it is not usual.

Divide your meals into different intakes and set times for your meals, do not eat on demand.

Take note!! Here we leave you a daily guideline to avoid hunger attacks.

Daily menu to avoid hunger attacks

Breakfast :
Bet on a dairy product and add fiber to your body with whole grains and a piece of fruit that will give you energy to face the whole day.

Mid-morning :
Feel more satisfied with a slice of whole wheat bread and a slice of turkey or ham.

Food :
To keep your body energized, combine carbohydrates with proteins.

Snack :
Bet on a yogurt and a few nuts.

Dinner :
To go to rest more satisfied, combine some vegetables with a plate rich in protein.

  • You can accompany your meals with teas or infusions to satisfy yourself more, we recommend the following entries where you can find the infusions and teas that are best for you.

Types of infusions and their properties

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