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Avocado, a very healthy fruit

by Georgia Ede
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Avocado, an ideal fruit for health

Avocado is a fruit with a delicate flavor and a tender and creamy consistency, like butter. It is a very versatile food that combines very well with a multitude of foods.

Its consumption has exploded in recent years when its multiple benefits have been known , and that is that although it is of tropical origin, it is currently cultivated in much of the world.

Below we offer you all its properties and benefits so that you know everything you need to know about this healthy fruit. It is true that it is a very healthy fruit and it is not in vain that it receives this fame, but it is also known for being a very fatty food, and although it is true, we must know that the fats it provides us are healthy fats necessary for our body, so that we should not worry.

Don’t miss out on all the information we offer you and put a little green in your diet, your body will thank you.

Properties and benefits of avocado

  • It is true that it provides us with a large amount of fat , approximately 17 grams per 100 grams, but as you know it is healthy fats .
  • It has a high content of pantothenic acid that gives us that feeling of satiety, but whose property is destroyed by heat, so if you want to preserve its satiating properties you should always consume it cold. Pantothenic acid helps control stress levels .
  • It is high in water and  fiber , making it ideal for weight loss systems. It is an unbeatable source of antioxidants and provides us with a large amount of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium mainly.
  • It provides us with a large amount of  vitamins A, C, E, K and B3. About 100 grams of avocado provide us with the vitamin E necessary for the body in a day. Vitamin E is responsible for the protection of cell membranes and their nucleus, which means that it protects us against the development of degenerative diseases, or cancer.
  • It regulates cholesterol , since its fats are almost entirely monounsaturated, that is, healthy fats for our body, which help us prevent cardiovascular diseases, and reduce cholesterol.
  • It helps control blood pressure due to its high content of potassium and magnesium, and low in sodium, which is why it is very diuretic and is recommended in cases of hypertension .
  • Avocado, due to its high potassium content, helps us maintain the body’s water balance, as well as the nervous impulse and muscle recovery, in addition, magnesium takes care of bone and dental health, as well as calcium. On the other hand, magnesium is involved in the health of the nervous and immune systems.
  • It prevents type II diabetes, in addition, according to the latest studies due to its high content of lutein (a pigment that has a protective function against UVA and UVB rays), it also protects our visual health from retinal degeneration and the appearance of cataracts. .
  • It has properties antiinfl amatory and is said to improve halitosis (bad breath).

In addition to all its properties, it has currently been discovered that its seed has a very high amount of antioxidants , and in fact there are those who consume it grated in their dishes and a study is in the process that it could serve to reduce the risk of the growth of some tumors carcinogenic.

Is avocado useful for weight loss?

Well, as we have mentioned before in its properties, its high content of pantothenic acid gives it one of the best virtues to lose weight, the satiating power , and that is that it keeps us satiated for a long time, therefore it helps us control our appetite, In addition, although it provides us with fat, the fats in avocado are healthy and necessary for our body.

It is easy to digest and as it provides us with a high amount of fiber , it is very interesting for weight loss , facilitating rapid digestion and the elimination of toxins. Also, as we have mentioned previously, it is a diuretic . The perfect ally to lose weight.

How to eat avocado?

The best-known avocado, although there are many varieties, is the Hass. The avocado, known as avocado in some countries can be eaten both cold and hot, as a substitute for butter, and fruit salad as a side dish, rice or sauce accompanying guacamole .

If you buy it very green, you should let it ripen in a dark place at room temperature, but it is better to put it in the fridge before it has fully matured. They usually take a week to ripen, but if you want to speed up the process, just put the avocado in a paper bag with a banana or an apple; This will accelerate the ripening, that is why if we have a ripe avocado, we should not put it next to these two fruits, because it will overripe.

You can also use it in your home beauty remedies since avocado is used in many creams and shampoos for its high moisturizing and repairing capacity. It is used for both the skin and the hair.

How to preserve avocado?

It can be considered a ripe avocado and suitable for consumption if when shaking it you notice that the seed moves or gives way inside.

If you want to keep an avocado already cut, it is recommended to cover the exposed parts with lemon or lime juice to avoid its oxidation, also if we only consume half of the avocado we must keep the half that has the seed, since it oxidizes less .

If, on the other hand, we want to prevent ripening, it is recommended to put the green avocado in the fridge.

If you extract all its meat you can also freeze it .

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