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Astringent diet → the solution against diarrhea

by Georgia Ede
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What is the astringent diet?

The astringent diet is a diet in which we eliminate the intake of products that contain fiber, in order to regulate the function of the intestine after a process of diarrhea or a malfunction due to a virus or gastroenteritis. This diet aims at a good intestinal function , in addition to the reappearance of the intestinal flora that has been damaged after the diarrheal process.

As a general rule, the intestinal flora disappears after episodes of diarrhea carried by the waters that we lose during this time, therefore the intestine is affected and does not tolerate food correctly. To do this, we must first introduce liquid food , and when the body tolerates it and does not reject it again in the form of episodes of diarrhea; that is when we can begin to introduce solid foods.

Who is it suitable for?

The astringent diet is usually recommended to those people who have had an intestinal virus , or have had a process of diarrhea , gastroenteritis, people with irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease and after undergoing certain surgeries, etc. The astringent diet aims to improve the functioning of the intestine, after these processes, with a balanced , soft diet , with healthy foods for our stomach and intestine.

If you have come this far, you may also be interested in this post dedicated to the Soft Diet since they are very similar, and mostly doctors recommend them equally given the similarity of the symptoms and the properties of both diets to stop diarrhea and recover intestinal flora after processes such as gastroenteritis.

What foods can I eat and what can I not?

– First of all, we must think that the body is in a delicate state , the digestive system needs soft foods , which do not alter its natural regeneration mechanism of the intestinal flora that has been lost during the time we have had diarrhea. Generally, in addition to losing part of the intestinal flora (microorganisms), existing villi are also lost in the intestine that take a little longer to regenerate, and which are greatly affected by sugars, so we should not consume sweet products.

– We will always start by introducing liquid foods such as defatted broths, soft creams, oral serum or alkaline lemonade and when the body tolerates these foods then we can begin to introduce solids.

– We can consume natural yogurts , all those that need cold provide us with microorganisms that help us to restore the intestinal flora, but if they are bifidus ; better. Do not choose with fruits or with cereals or nuts, it is preferable natural. On the other hand, no dairy or fermented cheeses, only fresh cheese.

– The meat must be of the lean parts, without fat of chicken, turkey, pork loin, cooked ham , etc. Avoid lamb, rabbit, and veal. White fish preferably, blue fish is a little stronger for the body, we will have to delay its intake for a while.

– Among the vegetables you can eat potato, carrot , sweet potato, cassava and pumpkin (in small quantities). It delays the intake of green leafy vegetables, zucchini peppers, cabbage, cabbage, etc., due to its fiber content. Eat white, non-whole grains (bread, pasta, rice). The most recommended fruits are the banana, the apple (without skin and if it is cooked or baked, the better), the lemon and the quince .

– It is convenient that you drink serum , alkaline lemonade and accompany your meals with defatted broth since you must not neglect the hydration of the body . Horsetail teas can help you as it has astringent and antidiarrheal properties.

– You should not consume foods high in fiber or fatty, or heavy such as tomato, lettuce, cucumber, nuts, legumes, copious foods, or foods with fat, sausages, fried, battered, sauces, cream, butter, mayonnaise, bechamel, milk, cured and fermented cheeses, pickles, vinegars, seafood, sweets and everything that has spicy or many spices that could make us feel bad.

Foods that constipate and improve diarrhea

You must know those foods that can cause us constipation in order to stop the symptoms we are having, among them we can highlight the following:

  • White rice.
  • Black tea.
  • Toasted bread.
  • Boiled egg
  • Chicken Soup.
  • Cooked carrot.
  • Cooked fish.
  • Baked potato.

It is very important and you should pay attention if you suffer from diarrhea that not only diet is important, but hydration of the body plays a fundamental role. It is important for two reasons and that is that both to recover you need to maintain an adequate water level, and it is also important that we drink little by little so as not to become dehydrated due to the abundant loss of water in the stool.

For proper hydration, what do I drink?  It is one of the most frequently asked questions, the best is water. Despite the recommendations of some professionals who have become outdated, sugary drinks with neither mineral nor isotonic salts are not recommended, after numerous studies it has been proven that this type of drink can worsen the gastrointestinal situation, causing a relapse in the diarrheal process.

Astringent Diet Menu:

Orientative menu ASTRINGENT DIET
Tea sweetened with two toasts of white bread with cold turkey meat and an apple compote.
Two breadcrumbs with quince and fresh cheese or a natural yogurt.
White rice with cooked carrot and half a grilled chicken breast with lemon dressing and a banana for dessert. A slice of white bread to accompany.
Mid afternoon
Sweetened infusion, 3 cookies and a yogurt.
Defatted broth soup with pasta, grilled hake with mashed potatoes, a slice of white bread to accompany it. A natural yogurt. If you are hungry before sleeping, you can eat a biscuit with cooked ham and an infusion.


We hope that this diet will be of great help to you, but if the diarrhea persists, even with eating, you should consult your doctor to find the origin of the problem and try to find a solution other than food, either with medication or by trying to withdraw. foods that the body may not tolerate.

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