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Alternate Days Diet: a good option to lose weight?

by Georgia Ede
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The alternate day diet, a good option to lose weight?

An easy diet to do , which combines strict days with mild days in which we can indulge ourselves. Therein lies the success of this eating plan that is designed to make us lose weight. This combination of semi-fasting days is quite similar to the intermittent or partial fasting diet or diet 5.2.

Generally, most people look for diets that are not very strict and that allow them to “sin” one day, and that is why this diet is being a success.

The fact of being able to eat some of our favorite foods one day a week makes the fact of being on a diet more bearable and more so when these foods are usually restricted in any dietary regimen to lose weight.

Below we explain how this diet works and analyze in detail if it is good for our health.

How does the alternate day diet work?

This diet has a very specific structure that should not be modified or altered. Divide the days of the week into three different systems at mealtime, which will make us achieve the weight loss that it promises us in each phase.

  • Purifying days: They must be alternate, we will never do it two days in a row. During these days a semi-fast is done, it is not a total fast but we should not exceed 500 kcal, which means that we are contributing to the body less than half of what it is used to, this is detected by the body and that is when it puts in It operates a mechanism to burn the fat located in the reserve deposits to be able to obtain the energy to carry out daily activity ( ketosis ).
  • Diet   days : During these days the diet should be based on a healthy diet, low in fat, low in carbohydrates, without excesses. That is, like when we are on a diet, taking care of ourselves and eating healthy and light. We will have to opt for fruits, vegetables, lean meats, white fish, all of them cooked on the grill or steamed. We will not be able to consume fried or battered, sauces, sweets or precooked products. Light dinners will greatly help you lose weight quickly.
  • Social days: these are the star days of the diet, days when you can always eat whatever you want in moderation.

Phases of the alternate day diet:

The diet is divided into three very different phases, with very different guidelines in each of the three, in terms of weight loss, it is also different depending on the phase in which we are. This diet is proposed as a food plan that we must carry out for about 4 months.

Here we explain the phases of the alternate day diet.

First phase: Fast phase

During this stage we will have 3 purification days (for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday), 2 diet days (Tuesday and Thursday) and two social days (Saturday and Sunday) We can modify the days as long as the purification days are alternate days. During the cleansing days we should not do intense physical exercise.

During this stage we can lose 4 to 6 kg, always depending on the excess weight you have, your metabolism and your constitution.

It lasts for 3 weeks and is the strictest and most restrictive phase of the nutritional plan, since it seeks to eliminate toxins and purify the body.

Second phase: Evolution phase

The duration of this stage is the one that lasts the longest in time, for 9 weeks we must follow the plan with 2 cleansing days , 3 days of diet  and 2 social days .

As we have commented previously, we can set the days of our choice as long as the depurative days are not followed.

During this stage we can lose approximately 8 to 12 kg , this varies according to the factors described above.

Third phase: Phase Controller

This is what is usually called the maintenance phase , it is a very common stage in weight loss regimes since it is a transition to eating again as we did before.

Although it is true, we must always try to modify certain eating habits so as not to regain weight. The duration of this stage is 4 weeks with a system with less fasts. That is, a cleansing day , 4 diet  days and 2 social days .

During this stage we can lose a few more kilograms, but what is basically intended in this phase is to avoid the rebound or yo-yo effect , that is, to try not to regain the lost weight  .

It is a good idea to continue doing a semi-fast every two weeks, to counteract the excesses, at the end of this stage. This way we will be able to stay at the desired weight more easily.

Basic principles of the diet

In order to be successful with this diet, you must take into account these basic guidelines and respect them to the letter.

  • You should drink 2 liters of water a day to keep the body hydrated and promote the elimination of fluids.
  • No alcoholic beverages (except for social days) as they provide a lot of sugar, a lot of calories and no nutrients. On social days try to consume them in moderation.
  • The dinners  light , the better. If the dinners are light, low in calories, with little fat, you will lose weight more and much faster since the body is at rest during the night and does not consume those calories. If you can have dinner two hours before bed, so much the better.
  • Eliminate the consumption of pastries and pastries or try not to abuse them or on social days as they provide a large amount of calories.
  • During the social days you should eat in a healthy way , lightly being able to allow yourself a whim such as a dessert, a piece of chocolate, a plate of macaroni or rice or paella. It is recommended that dinner be light and do not exceed the amount of calories you eat too much.

Orientative menu for a cleansing day, a diet day and a social day:

Black coffee or tea, fresh orange juice and low-fat yogurt.
A piece of fruit and some nuts.
300ml of purifying broth, 15og of skimmed fresh cheese and a carrot juice.
Mid afternoon
A piece of fruit.
300 ml of purifying broth and three slices of turkey and a skimmed yogurt.


  1. The purifying heat if processed with:
  • 4 sticks of celery.
  • 1.5 kg of onions.
  • 1 bunch of parsley.
  • 1 teaspoon of dandelion.
  • 2.5 liters of water.
  • Without adding salt (to avoid fluid retention).

You must clean all the ingredients well and chop them, bring it to a boil for 25 minutes and let it rest and strain before taking it.

This broth keeps the body hydrated, provides many vitamins and minerals, has cleansing and detoxifying properties.

A glass of milk on its own or with coffee or tea. A natural orange juice and toast of bread with a piece of skimmed Burgos cheese or York ham.
A piece of fruit and yogurt with some nuts.
Complete salad and grilled chicken. A skimmed yogurt.
Mid afternoon
A natural juice or a piece of fruit.
Grilled spinach and white fish and a skimmed yogurt.


A glass of milk on its own or with coffee or tea. A natural orange juice and half toast of bread with a piece of Burgos cheese or York ham.
A piece of fruit and skimmed yogurt.
Complete salad and macaroni Bolognese and a piece of fruit.
Mid afternoon
A slice of blueberry cheesecake.
Vegetable cream, a hard-boiled egg and an infusion.


Is it a good option to lose weight or can it affect our health?

Although it is a fashionable diet plan, and many people have signed up for this weight loss method lately, it should be noted that fasting has not been shown to produce benefits in the body, but being partial and keeping the body hydrated, they have not been proven either. damages, that is why we do not know if in the long term it can produce some type of nutritional deficiency or some problem derived from carrying out this diet.

What if it should be emphasized that this diet is contradictory in people who have a previous health problem , pregnant women, diabetics or people with medication .

Test yourself and manage to lose those kilos that bother you so much with this nutritional plan that is so fashionable, the alternate day plan makes it very easy, you decide.

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