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Alea diet to lose weight, what does it consist of?

by Georgia Ede
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 Alea diet: light balanced diet adapted to you

The Alea diet was created by a group of dietitians and nutritionists from a clinic in Castilla y León (Spain), faced with the need to modify the nutritional habits of society, making them healthier. With their ideas, they decided to make a blog where they offered innovative , healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes to make them available to those who wanted to change their diet. Given its popularity, they decided to write a book detailing the weight loss system.

Alea is the acronym adopted as a trade name for the book that responds to light diet , balanced and tailored to you. From what we understand that it is based on a change in nutritional habits aimed at a new healthy lifestyle.

Below we offer you all the information you should know to decide if it is the diet that suits your needs. For this we are going to explain what it is based on.

What is the Alea diet?

The Alea diet receives its name from the following words that define it a light, balanced and adapted diet to you, in this way we understand that it is a healthy weight loss plan . Within the weight loss systems, as we already know, there are fast, hypocaloric , balanced, dissociated diets , etc; This is a diet based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, a balanced diet but with some modifications to make it lighter in terms of calorie consumption. As we already know, the Mediterranean diet It is considered one of the healthiest in the world and that is why it has many followers, the problem is that it is a diet that provides a lot of calories and that therefore it has to be combined with exercise to achieve faster results.

The alea diet is not a fast diet , in fact it is a slightly slower but more effective weight loss system. As you already know, the only thing that guarantees fast weight loss is a fast rebound effect , and what good is losing weight fast if I am going to regain it even faster? It is of no use to me, the alea diet aims at an intelligent weight loss, sustained over time and forever, a change in lifestyle that helps us to know how to eat efficiently to maintain our weight.

What advantages does it have over other diets?

Apart from the one I just mentioned, that despite not being a fast diet makes us lose weight effectively, without rebound effect and forever; although in a slower way, the weight is lost in an effective and lasting way.

Another point that makes it gain followers is that it is compatible with social life , it refers to the fact that it is very important to adapt to the needs of each person and that is why the human factor is very present and allows us to reconcile the fact of being at diet with dining out with friends.

It is healthy , and its cuisine is easy to prepare, we can eat everything, in just the right measure, something that attributes many points to those who love good food; that should not be at odds with caloric intake. This diet offers tasty recipes that have revolutionized the world of dieting.

It does not use products that make the weight loss system more expensive, it is a diet without miracle products , a diet that bets on natural nutrition.

How much can we lose weight with the alea diet?

As we have already mentioned, it is not a rapid but sustainable weight loss , the goal is to lose between half a kilo and one kilo a week until we reach our ideal weight. It is a sustained weight loss over time that will allow us to change our figure so that the body has time to adapt to the changes.

What can i eat

The diet does not restrict any food, you can eat everything . Pasta, hamburger … everything. Everything in its proper measure and also encourages a rich, healthy cuisine that you can prepare yourself; which contributes to improving our skills in the kitchen. It explains how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes even if you are not a great lover of cooking.

Should I exercise with the Alea diet?

The physical activity is tied to good healthy lifestyles, and we have always stressed that it is the best friend of weight loss. In addition, exercise provides us with many benefits for our health.

The alea method recommends us to do some exercise but also gives us some tricks to make small efforts that make us burn the calories we eat, thus compensating the expenditure and caloric intake.

Other recommendations of the Alea diet

The alea diet gives the emotional side a great weight on the results of the diet, that is, it affirms that it depends a lot on your mood whether or not you achieve certain achievements with the subject of food and therefore gives us the keys to successfully overcome the diet by coping with stress or anxiety, thus avoiding hunger attacks or binge eating.

Another of the strategies that it gives us is to avoid snacking , which although it seems silly is one of the main problems of being overweight, snacking between meals considerably increases the caloric load ingested, so it makes us fat.

It makes recommendations on different nutritional habits that we must modify, such as chewing food, which must be greater, since the first digestion of food occurs in the mouth and also gives us richness when it comes to savoring food. ,

On the other hand, it reminds us that oil is an excellent product with a multitude of properties but that we must bear in mind that we must cook with little oil so as not to add an excessive caloric load. It also recommends replacing the consumption of sugar with other natural sweeteners, if possible, such as stevia , or honey.

Contraindications of the Alea diet

There are no contraindications, it is a healthy balanced diet without health risks.

All these tips and many others that you can find in his book, and that can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

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