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The diet with which Adele lost 68 kilos

Adele , the London SINGER has surprised in her last appearance after LOSING 68 KILOS  on a diet. In addition, he has abandoned tobacco and sedentary lifestyle. As he has told, it has been for health reasons, and if we think about it well; is the best of reasons.

It is a vegetarian diet , also quite strict, although it allows dairy and eggs . In addition , fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, nuts, legumes are allowed  To avoid a protein deficiency, it is recommended to consume protein shakes , especially during dinners. The dairy are permitted but the singer refers to it it is preferable to replace some for vegetable drinks to try to introduce into our diet consumption of vegetable products such as soy milk, rice, almonds, oats, etc

You cannot consume carbonated or sugary drinks , as well as it is not advisable to drink alcoholic beverages . Processed or precooked foods , meats , fish , sweets , fats are strictly prohibited .

Basically, not abusing fats and not consuming meats, betting on a cuisine based on the importance of fruits, vegetables and seasonal cereals that provide us with the necessary nutrients for our body to develop normally.

The diet is based on a strong breakfast , a snack so as not to arrive very hungry for lunch, lunch and dinner that is light and relatively early, so as not to go to bed just after dinner and to be able to burn some calories.

Why go on a vegetarian diet?

The truth is that there are many reasons why eating a vegetarian diet can benefit our health.

Today meat is highly processed , and that does not provide us with quality nutrients in our diet; This is why many people decide to eliminate meat from their diet. On the other hand, fish is not wild, almost all the fish we consume is raised with feed, which substantially modifies the nutrients it provides us.

We can solve the importance of proteins in the diet by eating proteins of vegetable origin, and also since this type of diet allows eggs and dairy products, we will compensate for possible protein and calcium deficiencies. In addition, fruits and vegetables combined with cereals provide us with excellent nutrients with high amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals that provide our body with everything it needs to develop correctly.

Here we give you many other reasons to follow a vegetarian diet , it is very interesting!

This type of vegetarian diets that allow the consumption of dairy and eggs , we can say that they are easier to carry out because those that completely eliminate all those foods of animal origin, make it more difficult for us, since many products that we consume daily contain milk or egg, which would not be allowed in a strict vegetarian diet. In addition, in this way we supply the deficiencies that could occur due to lack of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, which are obtained mainly from protein foods of animal origin.

What is Adele’s secret?

While it is true, Adele has confirmed that she has accompanied the diet with the abandonment of sedentary lifestyle . He has opted for Pilates for three days a week. But, if you decide to follow Adele’s diet , combine it with any type of exercise .

Choose the one you like the most, because if you do a physical activity out of obligation you will surely fall into abandonment if it is not to your liking. So decide what you like the most, and you will see that exercise will make you lose weight quickly and also make you feel good.

In addition, Adele tells us that she has achieved this challenge with the support of her partner, who have lost weight together and it has become more bearable. So if you can find someone to accompany you in your challenge, much better. Since this will contribute to a greater motivation that will make you face the challenge in a positive way and you will get mutual support that will avoid abandoning the diet, which will help to accompany us in carrying out exercises, or in preparing the menu, etc. .

All this will facilitate the work and will make us enjoy the food, and we will not see the fact of being on a diet as something negative, since although it is true, this diet is not a diet as such; since it will imply a change of lifestyle.

Adele’s Weekly Diet Menu

Next we leave you the guideline of Adele’s diet , we put a week as an example, which you can vary according to your tastes.


Breakfast : A bowl of soy milk with muesli or oatmeal cereals. A piece of fruit.

Lunch : Two plums and two or three almonds.

Food : Rice sautéed with seasonal vegetables. A gelatin for dessert.

Snack : A jelly or a cereal bar.

Dinner : French omelette and grilled zucchini and two whole wheat toasts with chickpea hummus.


Breakfast : Half a grapefruit accompanied by coffee or tea (without sugar) and a yogurt with muesli.

Lunch : Complete salad, vegetable broth and a hard-boiled egg. A piece of fruit.

Snack : A handful of almonds or a cereal bar.

Dinner : Steamed vegetable stew. A low-fat yogurt and an apple.


Breakfast : Half a grapefruit or grapefruit juice, a coffee with soy milk, a slice of bread with fresh cheese and a piece of fruit.

Lunch : Half a grapefruit and two walnuts-

Food : Aubergines stuffed with rice and other vegetables. Complete salad and a piece of fruit.

Snack : An infusion and two whole grain cookies.

Dinner : A protein shake.


Breakfast : Seasonal fruits with soy yogurt, a slice of bread with oil and a coffee.

Food : Brown rice sautéed with vegetables and legumes. A low-fat yogurt for dessert.

Snack : A handful of almonds or a cereal bar.

Dinner : Fruit salad with skimmed yogurt. An infusion before going to sleep.


Breakfast : Half a grapefruit accompanied by coffee or tea (without sugar) and cereals.

Lunch : A jelly or a cereal bar.

Food : A plate of pasta with vegetables prepared to taste without cream. An infusion

Snack : Half grapefruit

Dinner : Complete sautéed vegetables and an infusion.


Breakfast : Seasonal fruits with soy yogurt, a slice of bread with oil and a coffee.

Food : Grilled vegetables and vegetable salad with vinaigrette.

Snack : A handful of almonds or a cereal bar.

Scene : Protein shake.


Breakfast : A bowl of soy milk with muesli or oatmeal cereals. A piece of fruit.

Lunch : Two pieces of fruit.

Food : Quinoa sautéed with vegetables. An Apple

Snack : A jelly or a cereal bar.

Dinner : Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a piece of fresh cheese and fruit for dessert.

Recommendations for doing Adele’s diet

As you can see, there are days that are more caloric than others, compensate for two nights with a protein shake, but generally it is a diet that bets on the consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables and legumes, contributing less fat to the diet. Of course, it allows the consumption of eggs and dairy that make us compensate for the protein deficit of vegetarian diets. In addition, proteins of vegetable origin are very present, as is the case with legumes.

  • Do not use processed or precooked foods.
  • Combine the diet with moderate physical exercise.
  • Prepare your dishes with little salt and with quality food.
  • Do not consume carbonated or sugary drinks, much less alcoholic.

If you prefer to follow a flexible vegetarian diet, here is the diet that is in vogue, the flexitarian diet .

You just need a little willpower and success is guaranteed !!

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