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How to choose a diet that suits me?

by Georgia Ede
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Diets, a lifestyle.

Starting at the beginning, eating has changed a lot in the last fifty years, but more has changed in the last twenty. Why? The answer is simple, social changes bring many changes in people’s lives and among them is food.

Apart from the weight of fashions , which also wreak havoc around food , the diet changes as social customs and people’s habits and routines change. Although it is true, society has been modified by a great variety of factors such as the insertion of women in the world of work and working hours, the culture of effort and work.

But, has society changed so much so that this affects our basic needs such as food and rest? Unfortunately, yes, we have allowed our basic functions to be altered. Not only has work intervened, so has leisure, the way of having fun.

We have less time to cook , to do the shopping , all of these are excuses. We prefer to go out to dinner one day even if it is for not preparing dinner, and we do it in junk food restaurants .

We almost never get to consume the five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, what is the result? we are overfed and underfed at the same time. To this we add that we suffer more and more from diabetes , overweight, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

And it is that today families carry out an unbalanced diet with an exaggerated consumption of sausages, preparations, cheeses and derivatives, which translates into an excess of fats and proteins of animal origin. In addition to being a monotonous diet  that always includes the same foods, often precooked that are consumed quickly, that have little nutritional value and high caloric intake.

In fact, there is no bad food, the question is not to exceed in the consumption of any and not to exceed the nutritional needs of calories. It is necessary to balance the diet with a healthy physical activity that makes us burn excess calories.

Due to these social changes, more and more families are choosing a healthy diet. Society, to a lesser extent, but ever increasing; begins to be aware of the importance of nutrition and diet in health. For this reason, more and more adherents to vegetarian food , the Mediterranean diet or even the raw vegan diet . Among them, which is the healthiest?

The Mediterranean diet is considered the best nutritional model , it is based on cereals, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables and a moderate amount of meat, fish and dairy products.

The issue is that our diet is less and less like the model of the Mediterranean diet, because we overdo it in pasta, rice and meat.

This nutritional model has a preventive effect on diseases such as diabetes and obesity if we consume the three recommended servings of legumes per week and do not consume the six or seven servings of meat and fish that we consume, when not so much is necessary.

Another similar variant is the ovolacteovegetarian diet which is very similar to the Mediterranean diet but eliminating meat and fish , although they do consume animal products because they consume dairy and eggs.

The vegetarian diet is based on the consumption of cereals, legumes, vegetables and fresh vegetables, as well as fresh or dried fruits. Each time it attracts a larger number of the population, around 6%. It has always been believed that they did not consume enough protein, for not consuming them of animal origin, but legumes supply all that protein intake without problems. Rather, it is a lifestyle.

On the other hand, we find the raw vegan diet , this is the most radical option, it is totally vegetarian, because it excludes milk, eggs and their derivatives and also refers to cooking food as little as possible .

As a recommendation, we can conclude that the Mediterranean diet, carried out as indicated, is the most balanced, although neither of the other two can be said to be harmful to health. Because they are studied nutritionally, and meet the nutritional needs of our body.

While it is true, the important thing is to carry out a balanced diet , which we will transmit to our descendants as a family model so that food is not neglected in future generations.

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