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Fast and effective 7-day diet

by Georgia Ede
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The 7-day dissociated diet, a quick and easy diet

The  fast diet  to lose 5 kilos in  a week  is a  dissociated diet , since it is based on not mixing certain food groups in the same meal. In a dissociated diet, foods are generally classified into 5 different groups; These are (1) carbohydrates, (2) proteins, (3) fats, (4) vegetables and (5) fruits, and the foods are combined in a strategic way to promote both proper digestion and weight loss.

In this dissociated 7-day diet  with the aim of making it easier each day, foods from only one specific group will be consumed. Remember that it is advisable not to prolong  this diet for  more than a week , as it is a strict diet of short duration that seeks to achieve a goal in a short time, therefore if it is prolonged in time more than it should, it can cause nutritional deficiencies or other symptoms that would affect our health.

Dissociated fat burning diet to lose belly

This diet is a dissociated diet that promotes fat loss since by correctly combining foods by dissociating them, we will achieve greater fat burning and therefore less fat storage because they have not been used by our body.

This will lead us to significantly lose inches of abdominal volume, getting rid of the belly in a short time since the correct combination of foods makes our body burn the fat located in the abdomen to use it as energy when we do not supply enough energy.

What should we know about fast diets?

It must be borne in mind that short and fast diets are ideal for losing a small amount of weight in a short time, but they are not aimed at losing many kilos , since we should not maintain this type of diet so restrictive that can cause health problems, due to possible deficits that may be caused in our body.

These short-term diets can serve as a push to lose weight , or to lose little weight before an event, or as a shock after a big binge or a vacation in which we have eaten more than necessary and we want to return to our ideal weight , but this type of diet is not effective if you want to lose more than 5 kilos. If you are interested in fast diets, here is all the information you should know.

The Fast Dissociated Diet Plan That Works

The 7-day diet is a dissociated nutritional plan that distributes food intake according to the nutritional group to which they belong. That is, we must eat foods from the same nutritional group at all times without mixing them.

This system in which it is based on the basis that dissociating food promotes weight loss .

We have to be clear that we must always eat foods from the same nutritional group. It has an advantage, we do not go hungry because we can eat the foods we want, as long as they belong to the same nutritional group.

Nutritional combinations

We should not make combinations of groups , especially if they are proteins with carbohydrates. We should not combine acidic fruits with sweet fruits.

We should never combine sweet fruit with proteins, or sugars with fats.

Nor should we mix protein of plant origin with that of animal origin.

If you want to know the bases of the dissociated diet , you can find out in this post.

Important guidelines for doing this diet:

  • You have to  drink   at least 2 liters of  water a day to hydrate the body.
  • The only condiments allowed are: salt, lemon, pepper, and apple cider vinegar.
  • You can drink the  infusions  you  want , as long as we do not include sugar.
  • As for teas or infusions, it is recommended that you use infusion bags or natural ones, prepared or packaged teas are not allowed since they usually contain large amounts of sugar. Like juices, they must be natural, self-made, not being packaged due to the large amounts of sugars they contain.
  • Between hours you can eat diet gelatin or raw carrots or celery, they can be eaten without restriction any day of the week.
  • The allowed fruit in this diet is: pineapple , apple , pear, kiwi, plums, tangerines, orange, grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
  • Sugar must be replaced  by any other low-calorie sweetener: such as stevia, saccharin, sucrose, aspartame or fructose.

7 Day Diet Menu

The  breakfasts  are common to every day and will consist of:

– A grapefruit or its juice (it can be alternated with orange juice if desired), a toast of dextrinated flax bread and a piece of fresh Burgos cheese accompanied by a tea or infusion.

The lunches and snacks are also common every day and can consume your choice:

– Infusion, dietary gelatin, or carrot or celery crudités (raw).

* The days  cannot be alternated , it is necessary to follow the order shown below:

DAY 1 : All the vegetables you want (those that can be eaten raw, preferably raw).

DAY 2 : All the fruits you want, except for “banana and grape”. Melon and watermelon are recommended because they have the least calories.

DAY 3 : You can eat all the dairy you want as long as they are skim and boiled eggs or in an omelette (the person with high cholesterol should control their consumption).

DAY 4 : This day you can mix fruits and vegetables, remember that vegetables should preferably be raw.

DAY 5 : You can eat red meat (up to 600 grams a day).

DAY 6 : You can eat chicken or fish meat (without exceeding 700 grams per day).

DAY 7 : Free in moderation.

Other diets to lose weight quickly

If you are interested in fast diets, we offer you other alternatives, such as the military diet  to lose 5 kilograms in 3 days. Or the 5-day diet , which is not based on a dissociated system, unlike this one.

If you prefer diets with a longer duration, although they have effects quickly, you may be interested in the 20/20 diet , which lasts for twenty days, or the 13-day diet .

If, on the other hand, you are interested in losing weight gradually and over time, we recommend the balanced diet or the gourmet diet , if your greatest pleasure is food.

There are other diets such as the TLC diet , which allow you to lose weight by improving your health, as well as the Perricone diet , which is not specifically created to lose weight, but by improving health it achieves it, it is also the case of the diet of the prodigious enzyme .

As you can see there are many ways to lose weight, others modify your lifestyle to achieve weight loss, it is the case of diet crudivegan to or paleo diet , which are currently widespread in society.

You may also be interested in other longer-lasting dissociated diets, if so, here we leave you the dissociated diet to lose weight .

As we always recommend, before starting any diet, it is necessary that you consult with a medical professional or nutritionist whether or not to follow this diet.

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