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500 calorie diet to lose weight fast advisable?

by Georgia Ede
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Lose weight on the 500 calorie diet

This dietary regimen is created to lose weight quickly, it is not a regimen to maintain it over time but it will achieve a great loss of weight and volume , since it helps to cleanse the body and detoxify it.

We also manage to eliminate fluid retention , and also as the body perceives that we are ingesting fewer calories, it tends to make use of the body’s glucose and fat reserves to obtain the energy it needs, since we do not provide it with the intake. of food, the amount necessary for its normal development.

This is very beneficial as the body will enter a state of ketosis and will begin to dissolve the accumulated fat and the body will use it as a source of energy; which means that the weight we lose will be fat accumulated in the body, in addition to possible liquids that we have retained. The same happens in the ketogenic diet , if you are interested you can consult it here .

The objective of this diet is to lose weight quickly and also to release all those toxins that accumulate in our organs, mainly due to unhealthy eating.

The body accumulates toxins that make digestion slower and heavier, generally this happens when we eat excessively or when we eat in an unhealthy way, ingesting a large amount of sugars or products with fats that are difficult for the body to digest.

As digestion slows down, the body takes time to eliminate waste substances and they generate toxins that swell us and make us retain fluids. That is why we recommend the consumption of fiber , since it accelerates digestion and prevents us from this accumulation of toxins.

Who Should Do The 500 Calorie Diet?

This diet is created for those people who want to lose weight quickly and cleanse their body of toxins and waste generated by the body, after the digestion of food and stored in it.

This diet is intended for healthy people who want to lose weight , without previous diseases, since they can be affected by a low calorie consumption.

It should not be done by people with diabetes because alterations in glucose levels may occur due to caloric gaps. Normally, it is done before going on a diet or after one day of having eaten a lot, but it should not be prolonged in time because it is not a balanced diet .

These types of diets are usually carried out periodically to prevent toxins from accumulating in the body that can remain in the body for too long, leading to other health problems caused by them.

How long does the 500 calorie diet last?

It is important to remember that the duration of these diets is limited , since it is not a balanced diet in which we provide the body with the necessary nutrients to carry out daily metabolic activity normally; Therefore, it should not be carried out for more than three days since it can cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies if it lasts a long time, and it can also lead to other problems caused by malnutrition.

It is advisable to do it as a shock method , never prolong it more than three days. Here you can see other crash diets such as asparagus , plum , fruit salad , or the most famous the crash diet of watermelon . If you do it as we mentioned, it has no health risks, the problem comes when we keep it for more than 3 days, since the body could fall into a state of malnutrition .

Basic Diet Guidelines

  • We will have to eat 5 meals a day providing few calories in each one of them, but not letting us spend a long time without eating anything, since this will produce caloric gaps in which glucose can drop too much, producing hypoglycemia.
  • A cup or a plate of vegetable broth will be taken before meals and dinners, which will serve to help cleanse the body and help keep it hydrated. For the broth we can use the following vegetables of our choice: cabbage, celery, leek, onion, turnip, some ripe tomatoes, green and red peppers, artichokes. It must be made without salt, or any other additive such as colorants, saffron, etc., it must be as natural as possible to ensure its effectiveness. Since the excessive consumption of sodium could cause us fluid retention. This broth has a double function, in the first place to keep the body hydrated and on the other hand to satisfy ourselves by providing very few calories.
  • We must cook food on the grill or steam.
  • You can not eat fried or battered, sauces or condiments that can add fat to our diet.
  • Oil limited to two tablespoons daily.

 You can see other similar diets here, like the 900 calorie diet .

Daily 500 Calorie Diet Menu

Breakfast : 25 gr of oatmeal with skimmed milk.

Lunch : An apple or two pineapple slices.

Food : A cup of broth and chicken breast.

Snack : A piece of fresh cheese or skimmed yogurt.

Dinner : Swiss chard with a hake fillet.

Recommendations for best results

We can accompany the diet with natural infusions, if we wish, such as teas (green, roibos or white), diuretic and digestive infusions such as; the horsetail , extracts of pineapple, artichoke, star anise, fennel … that will ensure us a good diuretic development capabilities.

You may also be interested in the diet of fat burning soup to lose weight since it is a fast and effective diet.
This diet can serve as motivation to start a balanced diet to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. You can see here the balanced diet to lose weight .

Although we always recommend accompanying the diet of regular physical exercise in moderate intensities to obtain better results, with this caloric intake it is not advisable to do physical exercise, unless it is of a mild intensity, since we do not provide the body with enough calories to perform these activities.

It is advisable that before undertaking any diet you consult a medical professional or nutritionist if you have previous illnesses or any health problem that may worsen if you do this or any other diet.

Here we offer you the cleansing diet , which is also a diet to lose weight quickly and cleanse your body.

If you are interested in other fast diets to motivate you to lose weight, you can consult the 3-day diet here .

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